Christmas 2012

2012 was a sick Christmas for the Currie family!! We had this nasty, long lasting (7 days!) virus with fever, cough, and runny nose. It really just made you feel horrible, I can't remember feeling that awful!! Brynn started it before Christmas, Cami followed, than me, poor Park was sick over Christmas, and Rylan brought up the rear after Christmas. It really put a damper on some of our Christmas activities but we celebrated Jesus' birth as best we could!!
Brent was on shift Christmas Eve so the two big girls slept with me.
Bumpa and Nana came over Christmas morning and we opened presents at our house.

We continued the fun over at Mimi's house with all of my family.

Rapunzel, Nana, Bumpa, and Merida

My poor sick baby, such sick eyes!!

Two 'Brave' girls

These girls love to dress up!!

All the big cousins

Merry Christmas!!



Girls Only Date

We took all the big girls to see The Nutcracker at The Lila Cockrell Theatre. It was a lot of fun and the kids enjoyed it. Before we went, Camdyn had already decided that she wanted to take dance. After the ballet Brynn decided she wanted to take dance as well!!

Mimi with her "big" granddaughters.
Brynn 6, McKlayne 4, Camdyn 4, Stella 5