Future Olympian

We signed Brynn up for gymnastics class. Here she is on her first day. Our future Olympian, maybe?!?

April Birthdays

Celebrating Mommy's 29th Birthday. Mommy with her two favorite girls.

"Chocolate Face Cami" enjoying some birthday cake.
Celebrating Daddy's 32nd birthday by camping out in the tent.

What sweet singers they are....btw check out the 'caveman bday cake' I made just for Brent!!


24 weeks

Okay so I am a little behind with this post, but this belly shot was taken at 24 weeks............
Baby girl is growing well as you can see at 25 weeks..........
Things are good with this pregnancy.....our major problem is deciding on a name, so that means we are truly blessed! Still feeling well, still running, and still worried that she isn't going to turn upside down! I am a little worried that I feel her kicking me low instead of in my ribs. I should be happy about this!! Both my girls were head down and stayed that way pretty much, Brent asks me how I know....I just know, okay?! I remember at my halfway point Cami's face was so far down in my pelvis we couldn't even get a complete profile shot!! Dr. Hedges said we still have about 10 more weeks til he is worried, but I am the one that gets to have the C-section if she doesn't flip, so I am the one that is worried!!

Brynn loves to kiss, hug, and see the baby...which she calls Sammy (which I have no idea where she got that from). Cami could really care less at this point, she just probably thinks Mommy has been eating too much and that my belly has surpassed hers at this point. I did tell Brent that I think they have a 6th sense about a new baby approaching.....my Mama's girl is starting to want Daddy a whole lot more than she ever use to! Which is a blessing so that this new transition will hopefully be easier on her, but still makes my heart sad. She only has about 14 weeks to be the baby!

Friday Funnies

With all the birthdays we have had we have gotten to eat our favorite cake. Cami LOVES to be 'Chocolate face Cami' as she has named herself. She'll eat the cake and then say, "Chocolate face Cami" and runs to look in the mirror.


Usually when Cami toots she'll say "I toot" really proud. But now she will occasionally start blaming it on someone else!

Cami toots.
M: Did you toot?
C: NO Brynnie tooted!
M: Brynn tooted??
C: NO Mommy tooted!!

The other day the girls were in our little pool in the yard so Cami had some Minnie Mouse underwear on.

She toots and looks up at me & Brent.
B: someone tooted in your pants
C: Minnie!!


The girls love to read and we have a basket of books in my car.

B: Can you get me that book Mommy?
M: I can't reach it right now honey, I'm driving.
B: Oh Mommy, don't worry. You need to eat some food so your arm can grow bigger, than you will be able to reach it.
I was at Sam's Club with the girls and they love the pretzels from their foot court. Although sometimes they don't have them....
M: If y'all are good we can get a pretzel after we're done.
B: Oh Mommy, don't tease me. Don't tease me!!

Another new phrases Brynn has added to our conversations:
Are you kiddin' me?



At our MOPS Easter Egg Hunt, Kelly Simmons from Mustard Seed Photography took the girls pictures. Camdyn was being a little shy, both of the camera and of the animals but Brynn was loving every minute of it.

Here are a few of my favorites.
I can imagine the stories Brynn is telling Camdyn here.


Outfits by Kyle

How cute are these??

The Girls??


The outfits??


Kyle made these!! She made the fabric flowers and put them on the tank and she made the WHOLE skirt! Isn't she talented?!?

I need to put up a sign that says "Will Model for Clothes".


Friday Funnies

Brynn is trying to climb up on our bed to get some Easter eggs. Brent is in the bath room getting ready.

D: You can have those after church, don't get those down right now.
B: Relax, just relax.

(For those of you that don't know Brent, he says relax often to the girls!)


Brynn and I were watching home movies from when I was little....

M: Look there's Mommy when she was a little girl.
B: Mommy, why do you look like a boy??

FYI my mother always had my hair in a bowl cut and I did look like a boy, most of the time!


B: Sissy did you rip this page out of the book??
C: shaking her head no
B: Sissy are you lying to me??


And a restroom edition, can't let Asher have all the fun in the bathroom!

Brynn goes poop. She gets off to flush and says "Look at all the people, there's Mommy, Daddy, Brynn, and Cami."

I am not quite sure where she heard anyone 'naming' their poop....strange.


Easter 2010, Part Two

Two of the cutest little bunnies I know, before church on Easter Sunday........

On to the egg hunt at Mimi's house.....

This is one serious egg hunter.....

And the not so serious egg hunter!!

After hunting a few eggs she decides to throw all her eggs on the ground.......

And to use her basket as a hat!

Then she was done with that and was off to drive her car.