Friday Funnies

When ever Brynn is telling you about something it's always "Last night...". Whether it actually happened last night, last week, or last month.

"Last night Stella and I were singing Jingle Bells and Reid started singing Jingle Bells batman smells....."
This actually happened a few months ago!


Brynn and Cami were fighting over some toy.

M: Girl's be nice. Brynn what was is your Cubbie verse this week?

B: We should love one another.

M: Yes Jesus tells us to love one another and that means you need to be nice and share your toys.

B: Do you think He is a nice guy Mommy??


Currently Brynn is obsessed with Little Mermaid. Here are the names she has given us all:

Daddy-Prince Eric
Mommy-Ursula, but she calls her witch

Brent takes her to indoor swimming and she's yelling across the pool "Eric!". He said he feels like he's my boyfriend instead of her daddy.

We are out in public and she wants me to call her Ariel (fine), then she'll say "Hey witch...".


Sing ALong with Brynn

As you know, Brynn just loves to sing. Here are just a few of her songs that I caught on video.

Music to my ears.....something only a mother can say sometimes!!

The Lord's Army

I may never march in the infantry
Ride in the cavalry
Shoot the artillery
I may never fly o'er the enemy
But I'm in the Lord's army!
Yes Sir!

The Cubbies Song

The Caterpillar Song
First time I've ever heard it, if you can't tell I have no idea if she sang the whole song or not!!


Friday Funnies

Just a few pictures of the girls being silly.....

Sitting in her doll stroller, what a doll.


16 weeks

They say third times a charm....well maybe not this time. Who is they anyways??

The pregnancy has been good for the most part, but not as good as my other two! Yes it could be worse, but I guess the first two have spoiled me into thinking they would all be wonderful. I have just felt yuckier this time around. More nausea, indigestion I have never had before. I feel like I eat more this time around....I cannot tell you how many bowls of cereal I have consumed in the last 12 weeks!

I went to my 16 week appointment today and everything sounds good. I have just recently felt some flutters in the belly of the baby moving, which might be favorite thinge ever. Next month will be the 'big' one with my 20 week ultrasound to find out the sex (yes we have decided to find out this time), but most importantly to make sure baby is healthy.

As requested here is the start of the belly pics. The first one was taken at 13 weeks.

16 weeks
Stay tuned for bigger!!
I still have been running and feeling good while doing it, although I am probably slowing my running partner down! Being pregnant you need more oxygen, so when I run I just feel more out of breath and in turn run a little slower. We did run the Austin 3M half marathon relay January 24th. Becky ran the full 13.1 and Rachel and I did the relay. She started if off and ran 6.4 and I finished it running 6.7. We ran it just under 2 hrs at 1:59...barely!! This was a fun and easy run.

Hopelessly Devoted

Our church had a Daddy Daughter dance the Friday before Valentine's Day. Brent took Brynn for the first time this year. She loves to dance and show off her moves so we thought she would enjoy it, not to mention to have a special little date for just the two of them. We went upstairs to get dressed and I asked her what she wanted to wear, she immediately went to her closet and got out her Belle dress. She was beaming after she put it on and the way she walked down the stairs was so cute. She was holding her dress up and just had this expression on her face that said, "I am so beautiful." I hope she always feels that way.
Here is the Belle of the Ball.

The best Daddy ever and his girl.
Brent said she had a lot of fun, dancing with him and without him. He said that at one point she just wanted to dance by herself. She has some good dance moves, must have gotten those from Daddy!



How can I describe, in words, the awe that the girls felt on our trip to Disneyland??

How can I write about every smile that lights up their face??
I can't, not to the fullest extent, but I will try to record some details of our trip and some pictures will speak for themselves.......

We take the Disneyland Express bus from the airport to our hotel. Every time Brynn sees something with Mickey on it, from light posts to signs, she cries out, "Mickey! I LOVE him!" This girl is super excited!!
Our first day in the park we get to meet all the main characters (Mickey & friends) right away. Brynn's head is moving fast from left to right taking it all in. We wait patiently in line to meet them and when it is our turn she runs up to each one and give them big hugs. Camdyn is a little cautious, she prefers to watch from a safe distance. After that we precede to go on some rides. Snow White is our first ride. I forgot how scary that ride can be, especially for small children! Dark and scary. We move on to some fun, safe, happy kiddie rides. Camdyn's favorite ride is the carousel. She wants to ride the horses over and over again. Good thing there is no line!

Thanks to the Pongo sing a long DVD, both girls are obsessed with Pongo. We see Cruella and Brynn says she doesn't want to talk to her because she is scary. After I tell her she's not scary Cruella stops to talk. The first words out of her mouth were, "Hello Nasty Pink". She was quite a good actress! Once she found out Brynn had a black and white dog she offered to buy him for five dollars. When it was time to take a picture Cruella told Brynn to cross her arms and look mad. Cruella went from being scary to being one of Brynn's favorite people!!

On our second day we had early entry and immediately hit the more popular rides like Peter Pan. We stand in line to meet the Princesses. Brynn, wearing her snow white dress, gets to meet Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty.
She is in awe of every once of them. She thinks they are beautiful. Everyone gets a big hug. I thought she was going to knock some of them over, she launched herself so hard into their arms! She is excited that everyone gets to sign her autograph book. All the princesses were so sweet to her. Then we went to Toontown and took a tour of Mickey's and Minnie's houses. That night we saw the 'Celebrate' parade, which was like a big street party. They liked it, but Brynn was a little mad she couldn't run out into the street to get closer to some of the characters (like Peter Pan).

The third day we spent in California park. We got to watch the Disney live show and ride some fun rides. Later that night we saw the Pixar Play parade which was really cute.

Our fourth and final day we spent riding their favorite rides again. We also met more princesses and Brynn was really lucky that she got to meet Ariel and Belle. There is no guarantee that you get to meet them all, just depends on who is there because they rotate out. And her dreams came true when she met Aladdin and Jasmine. Aladdin was talking to her and she was speechless. She just kept staring at him.

Brynn's favorite was Splash Mountain. The 'bunny ride', as she called it, was all she could talk about. She has been singing 'zip a dee doo dah' ever since! Her Snow White dress is in need of some serious mending after being worn around the park for two days!

We had such a wonderful family vacation, seeing how much the girl's loved it was priceless. At their age everything was so magical. It truly was the "Happiest Place on Earth".
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