Friday Funnies

Watching Max & Ruby, in one episode Ruby looses a tooth.
B: why did Ruby loose her tooth?
M: You will loose your baby teeth and get new teeth.
Instant watering of Brynn's eyes.
Brent keeps teasing her, giving her the teeth over the gums look and she bursts into tears.
B: I don't want to loose my teeth!


Brynn: When you're mean you get dead.


Friday Funnies

During Sunday School Brynn made me a Mother's Day card. On the inside it says, "I love you because..." (child fill in the blank) and she put, "I love you because you let me watch TV."

What an awesome Mother I am!! (And I bet her Sunday school teacher thought so too!)


M: "You're a lucky girl."
C: "I'm not lucky, I'm Cami."


I was driving down the street looking for a car wash.
B: Mommy where are we going next?
M: Going to get our car washed and then go home.
We did not find a car wash on the way home so we just went home. We get out of the car...
B: Ewwwww you stink car, you need to be washed.


The girls and I had eaten dinner with my mom and we were driving home.

B: I want to go in Mimi's car.
M: Sorry honey Mimi isn't coming here, she is going to the store.
B: why are we going home? why can't we go to the store?
M: Because we don't need anything at the store.
B: Why not?
M: Because we need to save our money.
B: for what?
M: Ummm a lot of things, like Mommy is going to get a new car soon so we need to save money so we can buy a new car.
Brynn is quiet for a minute, thinking this over.
B: Nooooo, we need to save our money so we can go see Mickey again!
Priorities my dear!!

The girls are pretty observant while riding in the car, always pointing out things they see (usually things that I didn't even realize they could see). Anything from balloons, to planes (that are way up high), billboards with dogs on them, etc. One day we are driving and Cami keeps saying High Five. I have no idea what she is talking about. The next time she says this I am looking around trying to figure out what she sees....and then I see it.........

High Five Cami, good eyes!


Tiny Heiney

Doesn't this tiny heiney look cute in panties??

Well it's here to stay!

We did it.

The dreaded Potty Training.

On one hand it is so nice to think about not having to buy diapers and wipes anymore....well at least not until number 3 comes along.

But on the other hand it is so convenient to not have to take your 2 year old to the bathroom.

5 times in a span of 3 minutes....or less, depending on the day.

Especially out in public. YUCK. Little hands that touch everything.

It is a lot of work at first, but I wanted Camdyn out of diapers before this baby comes along. So we took the plunge and stayed home for three days in a row, took away all diapers, made a big deal about big girl panties, and stocked up on M&Ms.

Who wouldn't go potty for M&Ms all day?

M&Ms before breakfast? Sure!

M&Ms even though you just brushed your teeth? You bet!!

Even Brynn is trying to cash in and asks for M&Ms after she goes to the bathroom.

Staying home for three days is a little difficult, especially because I pretty much have to stay right by her side when she is awake so I can catch any accidents.

Some pros about staying home for 3+ days straight (if you can make it that long before you go crazy):
  • No money was spent. (I bet this is my husband's favorite part....he probably wants me to be a professional potty trainer so I could never go anywhere.)
  • Caught up on my laundry.
  • You don't have to shower or get dressed...if you don't want to!
  • I laundered and put away all of the new baby's clothes (which was my 'June Project')! Guess I better find a new project.
  • Detoxed from facebook since I had no time to myself.
  • Spent some quality time with the girls, just playing.....although there were many times I felt like a referee always breaking up fights.
  • Great excuse not to cook or clean....sorry honey, I was on potty patrol all day.
It's been 5 days later and Cami hasn't had an accident, during the day, since day 2! We are still working on the night peeing but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel......or that is what I am telling myself anyways! Today was the first day she woke up dry. She is such a sound sleeper that she pees in her sleep and doesn't wake up...the wetness, the pee sensation, laying on a pee soaked sheet (sounds good, doesn't it?)...nothing wakes this girl up! She actually thinks she is dry when she wakes up, then I have to break it to her that her panties are wet.....she gets a little upset. She calls everything 'poop' and loves to cry 'wolf'. We have spent many trips to the bathroom without anything happening but at least she isn't having accidents. She loves it when she says, "Poop!" and Brynn and I will say, "Go, go, go" and she runs as fast as her little legs will carry her to the potty.

It's really been a battle of the wills the last few days. She is so independent, almost to a fault. And if she doesn't want to do anything, don't think there is any way in making her!!


Strong willed.


I don't know where she gets it from..........

The good news:

I can leave my house again.

It is finished.

Another Peek

We got another peek at Baby Girl on Monday. Dr. Hedges had scheduled another sonogram, since I am measuring small, to check the baby's growth. Baby girl looks perfect! Weighing in around 2 pounds 12 ounces, which is in the 48% for a 29 weeker. She is head down, finally--YAY!! We could already see some hair on the back of her little head. Above is a profile shot of her sweet face (sorry it's not super clear).


28 weeks and in trouble already....

Went for my 28 week appointment and had my glucose test done as well. Not too worried about that as I usually pass with flying colors. I just couldn't have my usual breakfast at Mama Margies on the way to the doctor this am!

This little girl is already in big trouble as she is still breech. Of course Dr. Hedges says "oh don't worry"....but it's like I said in my last post... So anyways, I also measured small this time. For those of you that don't know, they measure your uterus and your measurements are suppose to correlate with the number of weeks you are. Last appointment I was 24 weeks and measured at 24 cm. Well this appointment I am 28 weeks and measured at 24, still. Gained 2 pounds, which is a grand total of 15. So I get to go back on Monday to have a sonogram to take a little peek and make sure Miss Naughty Pants is growing appropriately. Dr. Hedges isn't very worried and neither am I. I always measure small, so that is nothing new. Please pray that baby girl is growing, healthy, and that she'll flip. If I have to have a C-Section she will be grounded....indefinitely.

Still running, although I have cut back some. My legs just feel so heavy when I run....guess it's all this extra weight! My running partner is still running with me, she hasn't given up on me, yet. Our normal routine is 4 miles, three times a week (four days if I'm lucky) but I have cut back to 3 miles. So we run our 3 together and my RP keeps on going and I walk the last mile.

How can they say I'm not growing?! See for yourself.....



Two years ago we were a family of three.

Two years ago we didn't know if our second child would be a boy or girl.

Two years ago I woke up in the middle of the night and thought I peed my pants!

Three short hours later we were blessed with another little girl, holding her in our arms.

She was perfectly created.

A perfect fit for our family.

We are so blessed to have you as our daughter Camdyn.

Happy 2nd Birthday to our sweet baby girl!!
She can make 'Chocolate face Cami' out of anything, even chocolate chip pancakes. She was deliberately rubbing a piece of pancake on her face to make herself 'chocolate face Cami'.....then she got a birthday morning bath!

Here's the little Mommy singing Rock a bye Baby to a remote (I was afraid if I took it away and gave her a doll she would stop!).

A few pictures I added taken the day after her birthday with the cake Mimi brought her....

Who needs a fork when you have fingers?!?

Home Projects

Brent had a two week vacation from work in April.

Did we do something fun??

Go on vacation??


Just stayed home and completed some home projects that we have been wanting to do.

Finally I got my door/mirror!! Only 9 months later...but hey, who's counting?!

He painted the half bath and put up some beadboard......here's a shot of the wallpaper that is in the process of being painted over.....

A new light and mirror does wonders!!