Fake Sleeping

The other day we are in the car driving home and Brynn is sitting in her car seat (of course) with her sunglasses on, very Hollywood. I am talking to my Mom on the phone and I look back and I can see her eyes are closed. I keep looking and they stayed closed so I said, "oh gosh Brynn fell asleep." So I continue talking to my Mom for a few minutes and keep glancing back at Brynn (eyes still closed). I was talking about her Disney figures fitting into a lunchbox so she can carry them around and Brynn blurts out "they all fit, right Mommy?"!! Oh my goodness, what a faker! And the Oscar goes to.................


The look of pure joy on Brynn's face as she rode the roller coaster!!

She loved it!!

I loved watching her ride it.

We went to Dallas this past weekend and saw some of our good friends. We went to Oktoberfest (even though it was technically still September). The kids rode some rides and the adults ate lots of food. German sausage, turkey legs, kettle corn, funnel cakes.....good thing we didn't ride any of the rides. Just looking at some of those rides made me dizzy.

We also went to The Wiggly Play Center which has bounce houses and everything Wiggles.....they were everywhere!!
Parker and Cami in the tot room.

Kegan and Brynn jumping with the Wiggles.