Recent Pictures

Hamming it up for the camera.

A recent picture of the Curries:

Brynn with her cousins on Easter Sunday. It is very hard to take a good picture of all of them! Those apples are good props to keep them still...but don't expect everyone to smile at the same time!

Does anyone see what is new in this picture?

I went back to my roots with my hair, darker and shorter. I was growing it out, but am just too impatient!

We recently went to college station and stayed with Kirby, Charlie, and Asher. Brynn and Asher had a lot of fun playing together.

I love this picture! It is too funny!

And by popular demand here are some recent belly shots:

As for Baby #2 update, we are getting closer with 7 more weeks to go. I am definitely getting to the point where I want to be done being pregnant! We go for another ultrasound next week to check his/her growth. I measured a little small at my last appointment so the Dr wants to take a look....but I think he/she is growing just fine!!

Big, wet, slobbery kisses to you all!

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Easter Egg Hunt

The easter activities this year were more fun for Brynn than last year. NO we did not go see the easter bunny this year! I thought about it, but then I had a flashback of last year.............

Grandpa Harry thinks these pictures are funny and likes to laugh at them, obviously Brynn does not agree!

So needless to say we skipped the easter bunny this year and just stuck with the fun things!

Brynn really enjoyed hunting for easter eggs. Once she got the hang of it she was really good. She went for more of the 'hidden' eggs versus the ones just laying on the ground. Check out the video of our little egg hunter!

If you can't view the video try clicking on this link Click here. I am trying to figure out why no one else but me can view it! Sorry!
Stay tuned, more recent pictures to follow!

Feeding the Dolphins

Today Brent had a day off so we took Brynn to Sea World this morning. She enjoyed all the animals, and we even got to feed the dolphins! She wasn't too sure about them at first but then she wanted to keep on feeding them. Notice she says no she doesn't want to feed them, then she is asking for more fish two seconds later. Maybe next time she will be brave enough to touch them....yeah right!