24 Down, 16 to go!!

Well as you can see I have really grown over the last 5 weeks!! I had my first appointment with the OB here and everything looks good. Heartbeat 136 (so that means a boy according to the wives tale right?) and measuring 24 cm. Eleven pounds gained total, not in one month as my mom thought when I first told her!! Thanks Mom! Although I have to say I can never get enough of all the yummy Mexican food. I think everyone is tired of going out to eat with me because that is what I always want......but you would want it all the time too if you were sequestered up North without any around you for miles and miles! I have another ultrasound and the glucose testing next month. This little peanut is moving around so much. It is just the most amazing thing if you think about it. God is so great! Who else could create something so miraculous?

So far Brynn is being a great big sister!! Since we did not want to confuse her too much we have just starting telling her about the baby in mommy's belly. Plus 16 more weeks is already a lifetime to her I am sure, 40 weeks would be way too long! If I ask her where mommy's baby is she lifts up my shirt and points right at my belly button and loves to give it kisses.

There is one thing we need to do and that is to decide on some names! Brent and I really have a hard time agreeing on this subject. I find it VERY overwhelming! Plus since we are not finding out the gender this time we have to agree on not one but two names! YIKES!! I hope we find one we like over the next 16 weeks or we'll be arguing about it in L&D!


A New Year

A new year has just begun and already it has brought a lot of changes for the Currie family! We have successfully moved from Alberta Canada back to Texas. We are very excited and have been patiently waiting to return. We will be house hunting soon and purchasing our first home this year. We are fortunate enough to be able to stay in my mom's guesthouse until we find a house of our own. It is nice to not have to rush into anything. I know she is happy to have us here....at least for now, ask her again in a few months!

A big change for Brent as he is headed back to school for 6 months!! He is starting the fire academy on January 22nd. He is very excited and thrilled to start a new career. It will be very demanding but I think he will love it. He will graduate in the beginning of July.

Brynn is doing great! She is enjoying the weather and loves to go outside. I think she would spend every waking hour outdoors if I let her. She has such a cute personality and is the biggest daddy's girl EVER!! She still loves to sing and dance. She is talking more, her favorite words are hi and uh oh. She says hi all the time, especially when she is getting into something she knows she is not suppose to!! What a stinker.

This pregnancy is going by very fast and easy. I go and see my new doctor next week. I see the vote is pretty close but so far the winner is boy....I guess we will find out in about 17 weeks. If I had to guess I would say this one is going to be a girl too. So far I feel the same and am carrying pretty much the same as I did with Brynn, of course I have no experience with a boy so who knows! I don't think Brynn understands how much her world is going to change very soon!!

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