Brynn LOVES to read! Here is a video of her reading the book Blue Hat, Green hat. When I first read it to her she laughed so hard whenever I said oops. Sitting next to her is my friend Jacqui and her son Trip.
I just love her voice, she is so precious!!


My new ears!!

Well okay not really new ears.....just a new addition to her ears!! Today we went and got Camdyn's ears pierced. They look so tiny, but so cute!


Summer Lovin'

Here are some recent pics of what we have been up to lately.
Brynn is really enjoying her summer. She loves to go outside and play, swim, swing, and take long walks in the neighborhood. She is such a sweet big sister to her "sissy". She can be a little dramatic....you should see the looks this girl gives!
Little Hollywood

In her Dora Jammies

This girl LOVES corn on the cob!

She also loves her hats.

My little flower.....Bumpa actually took this picture when he was visiting! It is so precious!

Camdyn is such a happy girl and is so sweet. She doesn't get tired of smiling and cooing. She loves her play mat and her swing....and loves to eat!! No more wah baby here!!

She is a good sleeper and loves to sleep in the big bed......she thinks she is the queen!

Camdyn and her cousin McKlayne sleeping in their matching outfits. Look how sweet they are!

Everytime Camdyn gets on her play mat Brynn wants to lay down with her!

Camdyn's first time in the pool. She'll probably love the water just like Brynn.

It's Pajama Time!

Here is a video of Brynn eating corn on the cob...she just loves her "corny".

Here is a video of Camdyn talking. She loves to smile and talk...I think she will be my big talker!