Friday Funnies

Brynn and I were looking at the ultrasound pictures of the new baby.

B: Mommy why is the picture so dark? I can't see it.
M: Well that is because it's a picture of the baby in my belly. It is dark in there.
B: Who turned off the light??



We are adding another GIRL to the Currie clan....poor Brent is way outnumbered here.

Brent and his ladies.

He is a ladies man for sure.

We found out on Thursday (March 18th) that baby #3 is a girl! Mommy was right again....hey 3 for 3 isn't bad!! Not only is she all girl but she is healthy and measuring right on track. She weighed in at 13oz which is right on track for 20 weeks and 2 days. She is still in breech position, which has me a little worried since my other two were already head down at this point....so just praying that she turns between now and July! Pregnancy is still going well. Mommy is still running and feeling pretty good. Total damage so far, 10 pounds gained.

Brynn is happy as she has been saying this whole pregnancy that she wanted another sister. When I told her we were going to the doctor to find out if she was having a brother or sister she said, no it's a sister!! Now we get to start deciding on a name, which has always been hard for us to agree on one.....let the fun begin....

Some belly shots at 20 weeks:

Up close and personal....

A sneak peek at baby girl, who was in a ball with her knees to her face. At one point she was kicking herself in the head.
No mistaking that girl part....


Happy St. Patty's Day!

Rockin' the GREEN for St. Patty's Day....oh and did I mention Kyle made these?! Yes, she made the dresses out of old shirts! So talented!

Montalbo Cousins (minus baby Nash)


Friday Funnies

There hasn't been many funnies going on in the Currie house this past week, as we have all been sick with the stomach flu.

Brynn was on the toilet.
B: She started laughing and said, "My heiney is blowing bubbles."