Our Life Right Now

A glimpse into our crazy, beautiful, messy life right now involves these four kids. They are full of energy, silliness, and laughter. Our house is often messy, loud, noisy, with lots of action going on.

Our sweet baby boy, Park, is nine months and his middle name should be trouble! He is into everything, crawling, climbing, putting stuff in his mouth. He likes to say "mamama" and likes all food we have given him so far. He is happy most of the time but is not afraid to show his temper!! He's still Mommy's little man. He is all boy; messy, sweaty, and stinky....and he currently hates bath time and screams bloody murder.
An Oiler fan already.

A future crossfitter, for sure.
Wearing his Hill Country Crossfit gear.


This is a very common expression on his sweet face.
He has his mouth open, often.

And than there's my baby girl, Rylan, oh so sweet and mischievous!! She is almost two and a half, sweet sometimes stubborn and is a happy, go with the flow kind of girl. She can get into anything she wants to but she usually prefers to follow me around. "Hold me" is a very common phrase coming out of her mouth.

Than there is sassy four and a half year old Camdyn, a girly girl through and through. She thinks she is a little fashionista. She is sweet, sensitive, dramatic, stubborn, and has to be reminded to use her manners. She might give us a run for our money in 10+ years....

Our oldest, Brynn, is six, she is a people pleaser, strives for perfection and gets frustrated when she messes up. She has her own sense of humor and has the best memory ever!! She loves her first year in Kinder and loves her teacher. Her favorite phrase lately is "oh my gosh" (about everything) and "seriously" (about everything). She is my little mother hen.

Pup pup, her favorite, had to make a picture.

Halloween 2012

This year we had the most adorable Raggedy Ann I've ever seen!! Also a pretty Mulan, cute Alice and Wonderland, and a little giraffe. Everyone knows my girls love to dress up, so halloween is super exciting! What's more fun than dressing up and getting lots of candy!! Happy Halloween!!

Park's first Halloween.

Alice in Wonderland

Raggedy Ann



This picture with spit up coming out of his mouth, and him still smiling needs to be framed. It is a true everyday occurrence with him. He spits up so much!!

He could not keep his fingers out of his mouth because he kept picking grass and eating it.

Trying to get a good picture of four little kids is hard....one of them is always looking away from the camera or making a face!!!

My sweet baby girl. She watches her sisters pose and than she copies them!

Crazy faces