Brynn is in Awana's which is like church or Sunday school on Wednesday nights. It is throughout the school year. Cubbie Bear is the mascot for her age group. She loves to be called cubbie. They have a bible lesson, do a craft, play outside, and other fun things. She wears a blue vest, which she loves because it is just like Aladdin! They have bible verses that they have to memorize (a different one every week). She loves Cubbie Bear!!

Here is a video of her saying her memory verses. The 3 year olds get a two word help and don't have to know the bible passage yet (e.g. Genesis 1:1), that is next year!

I love watching how the Lord is working in her little heart!

"These words, which I am commanding you today, shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your sons and shall talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up." Deut. 6:6-7

Friday Funnies

The Curries were at Sea World and were walking to the Shamu show. Brynn was running along beside us. Instead of watching where she was going, she was busy watching the ride Atlantis. She ran smack into this girl's butt, like Brynn's nose to her crack!! (This girl, probably in her 20s, had stopped to take a picture.) It was hilarious. Of course Brynn was embarrassed. We told the girl sorry and she kinda just looked at us and walked off. We didn't really think anything about it til we happen to sit in the row right behind them at Shamu. Brent leans over and tells me that her and the whole family are speaking German!! Hopefully she understands what the word sorry means and doesn't think Brent and I were laughing at her!


I was giving the girl's a bath and I told Brynn to stand up so I could wash her hiney. While standing she looked down at my chest and pointed to my cleavage and said "is that your hiney?". Ah kids!


Brent was with both girls in the living room, he told Brynn he would be right back and to keep an eye on Camdyn. He comes back a few minutes later and Camdyn is climbing the stairs. Brent says "Brynn you are the big sister, you're suppose to look after Cami." To which Brynn replied "YOU'RE THE DADDY!"


Fall Fun

Fall has been fun! We have enjoyed:

Carving pumpkins

This is Brynn making a face just like her pumpkin. ?????

Cami looks frightened.

Wearing fall clothes

Cami is saying "help, I can't bend in these jeans." She fell down and seriously couldn't get up!!

My little pumpkins.

Painting pumpkins
Sea World in October.

Posing with the skeletons.

Mimi and the older grandchildren.

Posing with the Penguins

Posing with Jack, she was not scared at all.



Tot School

Even Peter Pan showed up for Tot School. Sorting her marbles.

She was busy playing, heard my camera and immediatley said "cheese". Well trained!!
Their Christmas letter should look something like this:
Dear Santa,
Please send me anything that is not a toy. Bottle tops, beads, marbles, pom poms, coasters, boxes, etc. These are items I like best. They keep my busy, QUIET, and active for a long period of time.
Love, Brynn & Camdyn

more cuteness

How big is the baby?

Remember this move??

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IT'S BACK!! Still Shakin'!!

Where did these come from??

Curls!!! Cami has some curls going on in the back, they are adorable! Who did they come from?? We all know that my hair is as straight as a board, if Brent had any his would be straight as well!! Guess God blessed her with hair from her Aunts!

Here is the straight hair we know and love.


Friday Funnies


So you know Brynn is obsessed with all things Disney. Well you know the seven little men that live with Snow White?? Brynn always calls them the "Three Seven Dwarfs"! Not sure why, or how she came up with that one.


This is what Brynn says when she is done eating:

"I am full all the way to my legs."


This conversation took place today between Mimi (my mom) and Brynn:

Mimi: We have matching pants on today (both were wearing denim capris)

Brynn: Yeah, I have little pants, you have big pants.


Friday Funnies

(Okay so it's really Saturday but whatever)

I was at Costco the other day and had both girls sitting up front in the double seat. Brynn is loving on Cami. Hugging her, kissing her, talking to her. Cami isn't really loving it. I turn around to get some fruit and turn back around to the girls. Camdyn is laughing and Brynn is licking her face!! From her jaw to her hair!!


Brynn has Awana on Wednesdays (Kid Church) and when she got back in the car Camdyn was tired so she was whining. Brynn says "It's okay Cami. I'm back. Sorry for leaving you." She says it over and over again. She is so sweet to her sister.


Yesterday Brynn and I were doing an ABC wooden puzzle and she was naming the letter and than saying the word for that letter. She picked up the letter P

B: P is for cooker (it was a picture of a pot/pan).
M: No P is for pan
B: Yeah for Peter Pan


We were in the car and Brynn asked where we were going next

M: We are going to Sam's
B: oh just like the Wiggle