Pre-School Christmas Program

Brynn's pre-school had a Christmas program this morning. They memorized scripture and sang some Christmas songs. Brynn didn't miss a beat. Here are some videos:

Santa, Baby

We went to a birthday party and Santa made an appearance! All the kids were SO EXCITED!! Santa was so patient with all the kids, he was telling them about his magic keys and then read them some Christmas books. The kids were sure to ask him lots and lots of questions. Then they all got to sit on his lap and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. Both Camdyn and Brynn got a little flustered when it was their turn. Camdyn was speechless and couldn't even name one toy she wanted, Brynn told him she wanted Dora!! Dora?!? I mean sure she likes Dora, but not THAT much, that is not her number one favorite thing she would want for Christmas!! Rylan sat on his lap for the group picture and was a little unsure, but no tears were shed!