Halloween 2011

This year Brynn decided she wanted to be Leonardo, a teenage mutant ninja turtle, Camdyn was Cinderella, and Rylan a little witch. Since my girls love dressing up, halloween was right up their alley!! We had fun halloween activities: a halloween party with the cousins, fall festivals, trunk-or-treating, and trick-or-treating with friends!

Trick-or-Treating with some of their friends.

Cinderella taking a break to eat a hot dog. I was praying she wouldn't get ketchup all over her dress!!

Recent Videos.....

Here are some recent videos of the girls.

The first two videos are of Rylan when she first started walking. She was 12 months old at this time. I just love how they look when they first start walking!!

And then here is Rylan, just a month or two later, running around in circles being her silly self!!

Camdyn and Brynn putting on their play make-up, being touch-up girls.

Cubbies Western Night.