Brynn is SEVEN

Happy Seventh Birthday to our little Brynn!! You are growing up way to fast, much faster than I would like!! You are a leader at home and at school. You have a great imagination, a good sense of humor, and you have a sensitive, caring heart. You love all things dogs and animals and say that you want to be a vet when you grow up. You love to color, draw, and trace every minute you are able to, and you are a good artist. In the last year you have learned to read, ride your bike, and tie your shoes!! You love Jesus with all of your heart, you have a great memory, and you are the best eater (besides your dad)!! We love you to the moon and back!!


Jo and Whit's Wedding

Jordan finally found the girl God had picked out for him. Whitney is actually from Boerne but they didn't start dating til well after high school. She is sweet, funny, loud, and outgoing, a great addition to this crazy family!! Jordan and Whitney got married at the end of June. Here are a few pictures from their happy day!

All the cousins, minus Park, we left him at home.

The girls and the beautiful bride.

The girls and Mimi.

Asher and Brynn.

The happy newlyweds. They couldn't stop smiling!

 Family fun in the photo booth.

Dancing the night away.


Summer 2013 Fun

Random pictures from this summer:

Me and my sweet littles on Mother's Day. So so thankful for these four!!

The girls took tap and ballet class all semester and had a dance recital at the end. They both did very well and loved every minute!! They especially loved dressing up in their fancy costumes and getting all maid up. Brynn was really into striking a pose, as you can see in the last picture.

Best friends, even in their sleep.

He's about 17 months in this picture, weighs about 30+ pounds. He is one solid boy, very strong. He is totally all boy, crazy, dirty, into everything, destructive, sweet yet stubborn. He loves to make his rounds of hugs and kisses at bedtime. Doesn't say a lot of words but definitely knows what's going on. He loves to be outside, is a great eater and sleeper. He has a temper to go along with that red hair!!

Practicing his balance on Mimi's window sill, he learned this trick around 16 months old.

 Do not be fooled by the broom in his hand, while he likes to push the broom around he in fact does not like to clean anything....a hot mess follows him everywhere he goes.

Sculpture garden visit, per Brynn's request.

Cow appreciation day at Chickfila. We'll dress up as anything for free food!!

Climbing the stairs isn't enough, he thinks he has to pull things up with him as he climbs.

Park's first hair cut, before and after.


Camdyn turns FIVE

(Holy Smokes sorry for taking off so much time blogging!! Lots to catch up on!!)

In May Camdyn turned five. Five is a big deal for me because it reminds me of the fact that she will soon be in school more often than she is home, so that makes me very sad. Happy Birthday to my little Cami girl!! You are a little mother and oh so sweet to your little sister and brother. You love to do things for him, hold his hand in the parking lot, make sure he isn't getting into trouble, unbuckling him from his carseat, etc. You are a great cleaner (when you are in the mood), you move at your own pace (usually much slower than anyone else), you are sweet, stubborn, and emotional, sometimes dramatic, still very girly and my little fashionista. You love to play outside, pretend play, play mommy, play ponies, anything really. You are starting to be a pickier eater. In the fall you will be starting preschool and you are excited yet nervous. This summer you learned to swim by yourself, although sometimes you can still be timid about putting your face in the water. You are a night owl and prefer to stay up late (when I let you) and will sleep in (when your sisters let you), you hardly ever take naps anymore. You love your blankie still and say you are going to keep it forever. You also say you are never going to have children because you are afraid of getting a needle, but you love your baby Emily, even took her on the airplane to Arizona and insisted she needed her diaper bag for a carry on. You took ballet and tap dance this spring and loved every minute of it, much more than you liked soccer. Brynn is still your best friend forever. We love you so much!!


Easter 2013

We went to our usual Easter Celebration, at Messiah Lutheran Church, on Saturday. The kids enjoy the barrel rides, petting zoo, pony rides, games, crafts and egg hunt.

Easter morning going through their basket of goodies.

All the kids (minus napping Park) ready for the egg hunt.

Egg Hunt at Mimi's house.

We make the boys do an awkward picture every year. It's so funny to watch.

Mimi and her eleven grandchildren.