One Week

Rylan has only been a part of the family for a week but we couldn't imagine our family without her! She is such a good baby, basically eats and sleeps and hardly cries. She lets Mommy get a lot of sleep at night which I am very thankful for! She eats about every 3 1/2-4 hours during the day and has longer stretches at night. She has some quiet awake time during the day where she just looks around and checks things out. Brynn loves to kiss on her and hold her. Camdyn will give her a kiss every now and then but basically goes on with her business as usual.

The best swaddle blanket ever....maybe this is the secret to good sleeping??
The proud big sisters wearing their "Big Sisters Rock" shirts.
Found her thumb!
Enjoying some cuddle time.
Eskimo Kisses


Rylan Olivia is here!

I know you just want to see pics of baby Rylan, but I had to put one last belly pic up of her from the night before she was born! So this is 37+ weeks and 25 pounds.....
First pictures.....
Proud Daddy
Proud Mimi
Our three girls

As for the details......July 19th started as any other Sunday: Church, breakfast, Costco, nap, dinner....it was 9pm and the girls were in bed and I was shaving my legs when I felt like my underwear was wet. So I finished shaving my legs, jumped into the shower and then assessed the situation a little more.  No big gush, just a little leaking (just like when my water broke with Camdyn). So I went out into the living room and told Brent, "well you better put a shirt on because I think my water just broke." "WHAT?!? Seriously??" is his response. As some of you may know Brent had a timeline when Rylan could be born and this was not it...she was suppose to wait until he started his time off of work, this friday the 23rd was his last day for a few weeks.....OOPS!
So anyways off to the hospital we go. I was having some contractions but nothing serious yet and I didn't want to wait too long because Cami was born in about 3 hours so I thought time was of the essence...........boy was I wrong!
It was a long slow night, early morning.....I pretty much stayed dilated at 3-4 cm all night long and almost all day long!!  My contractions would start being regular and get into a good pattern and then they would space out, they were very inconsistent. They started pitocin around 5:30am to get the contractions on a regular pattern but not much dilating going on. Finally at 1:45pm my Dr came in and ruptured the rest of my membrames and I was 4 cm at this time. Fourty five minutes later I felt intense pain and pressure so I called the nurse in and I was a 7. Fifteen minutes later I couldn't take it anymore so back in our nurse came and I was complete and ready to push. After everything was set up and Dr. Hedges was in place I pushed for about 15 minuts and there she was, perfect in every way!!

Rylan Olivia Currie was born July 19th at 3:15pm, 6 pounds 9 ounces, 18 3/4 inches long.

We had to stay 24 hours from her time of birth so they could check her bili, once we got the all clear we were on our way home. When we were in the hospital the girls really didn't want anything to do with Rylan. Cami was like "whatever" and Brynn was so nervous....she was afraid to come too close to her and she did not want her to cry at all. After being home about 30 mintues Brynn started warming up to her and now she wants to kiss and sit right by her.

Home sweet, busy home!! It's back to reality here but I wouldn't have it any other way!

A big thanks to Mimi and Rachel for watching the girls!!

And some funnies since we have been home:
Rylan was laying on the couch sleeping and Cami pointed at her and said, "she's dead."

I was talking to Brynn about how I feed Rylan:
M: I have milk in my boobies and that's how she eats.
B: (gives me a weird look) but your boobies are all closed up!

More sisters to love on....


Fun Four

On July 5th Brynn turned FOUR! As most of you know, Brynn did not want to turn four. Every time she heard us talking about her birthday or being four she would say, "I'm not four, I'm three." Well she had no problem on her birthday.....this little rule follower must have just been waiting until it was official.

Brent had to work the day of her birthday so as soon as she woke up she got to open her presents! That morning we met some of her friends and the Montalbos to see the Chipmunk movie. For dinner we went to Chuck E Cheese (which she loves and is obsessed with the mouse) with Mimi, the Montalbos, Uncle Jordan, & Uncle Wade.

All in all, it was a wonderful birthday. Presents, a movie, popcorn, pizza, games, princess cupcakes.......what more could a four year old ask for?!

Proudly posing with the new princess bike (you can tell she is super happy when she goes Chinese eyes!).
She is now obsessed with Sid the Sloth from Ice Age. We frequently have to refer to her as Sid.......

Daddy with the Birthday Girl.

Even her fingers still wanted to be three years old........

With Chuck E Cheese Mouse (the fake one that dances on stage).

Pizza time!

Cake time!! Notice Camdyn's little hands trying to steal the princess rings.....

Rides and game time!! Giving Chuck E some love. (I bet it is super clean)

Oh Barney......the first guy she likes that Brent and I don't approve of......

The 'real' mouse came out and Brynn would not leave him alone....seriously. She was all over him, touching him constantly, following him around.......I bet he wanted a restraining order....

The little kids with Mimi. This is a great action shot: Cami trying to leave, Brynn choking Cami to get her to stay, Nash pulling Brynn's hair..........

Happy 4th Birthday Brynn!! We love you so much!!


36 weeks

36 weeks of pregnancy..........the light at the end of the tunnel....you know you are getting close to holding that sweet baby girl in your arms! 36 weeks also means that I start going every week to my OB and my first internal exam (joy oh joy!). It's one of those things where you want to know if your body is getting ready for baby (even if it is slightly uncomfortable for a minute), but you also don't want to get your hopes up. We all know that you can walk around dilated for the next 4 weeks or you can go from 0 to baby in a day! So my stats for my 36 week appointment: measuring 31 cm, 80% effaced, and 1-2 cm dilated.....and I'll get back to you on the weight gain as I had a 2 pm appointment and I told Dr. Hedges it should be a rule not to weigh in after 10 am. And since we are talking about weight.......

Some of the lovely comments I have heard lately:
"You look like you're about to POP"
"Wow, you've really blossomed"
"Do you think this is your biggest pregnancy?"

Do people honestly think that these phrases are compliments?!?

Yes I do know my belly is big and I do know I am getting close to delivery, but could you phrase it a little differently please?

Is it acceptable, that just because I am pregnant, people can talk so openly, freely, and rudely about me?? I am going to start walking around telling people what I think about their big body parts......whether they are pregnant or not.

Independence Day

Some pictures from Fourth of July.....
My little sparklers.....they couldn't take their eyes off of them.
And Camdyn thought that at the end of the night she would try to put her finger in it......which I almost caught on camera.......thankfully she listened when we all shouted "NO"!