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Friday Funnies

Camdyn loves to sleep naked. Nap time or bed time, it doesn't matter, we go in to check on her and always see a naked heiney. She will take her shorts and undies off every time.

B: I have to go potty.
She goes into the bathroom, comes back out.
B: I have to flush the toilet first.
M: Why?
B: Because there is a little poopie in there.
I go in to investigate.
M: It's fine, you don't have to flush the toilet. Just go potty.
B: It will hop out!

We are at Sam's and they have samples out. We stop at a bacon sample.
M: Camdyn do you want some bacon?
C: Where are the eggs??

The girls singing a part from the show 'Team Umizoomi'. Cami is always Milli, Brynn is Geo, and Brent is Bot....he has a singing part too, but he didn't want to be on video.


One Month

My baby is four weeks old!! Rylan is a pretty good baby, my one complaint is that some nights she thinks it's time to party at 1am! Some nights she goes back to sleep and than others she is wide awake from 1am until 3am. We definitely need to break this habit! She has more awake time during the day and is still a good eater....so good in fact that I got Mastitis! One night she slept for 7 hours straight, which is great for sleep but not so great for the engorged boobs. The next morning I could tell that I was starting to get mastitis (I have had it with all three girls). I called my doctor and received antibiotics hoping that I could kick it before it got bad but no such luck. That night I had all the flu like symptoms, fever 102.6, chills so bad I was walking around in my sweatshirt, sweatpants, and slippers! It was horrible! Thank goodness Brent was home to take care of things because I spent about 24 hours in bed.

We don't go back to the pedi til 2 months but according to my scale she weighs around 9 pounds. She has just recently outgrown the newborn clothes in length and took a pacifier for the first time just yesterday! She is filling out in her face and starting to fill out in the limbs...can't wait til she has some rolls! Whom does she look like?? Most people say she looks like me, time will tell.

Poor 3rd child doesn't get as many pictures taken of her....and also doesn't get as many baths! My sister, Kyle, and I were talking about the pattern of bath vs. what number baby you are. Here is our observation:
First baby-bath every night
Second baby-bath every other night
Third baby-bath every third night
Do we see a pattern here???

Here is a picture of Rylan during bath time. She really enjoys it and doesn't cry at all, maybe because she figures if she cries than she would never get one!!
My talented friend, Kristin, embroiders like a crazy woman (thank goodness we are friends because I benefit from this) and made the three girls these shirts. Brynn wearing her "Big Sister" shirt and Rylan wearing her "Little Sister" shirt. There is a "Middle Sister" around here somewhere but she would not sit still for a picture!!

She may be the third girl, but her sisters never had a fancy car seat cover like this!

Snoozing in the swing.

I always knew Brent was an amazing father but this last month has re-affirmed that! He has been so wonderful with the two older girls taking them all sorts of places and just playing with them. Here they are fishing with Brynn proudly displaying her fish. Cami was holding hers at one point but the fish was flipping around, hit her in the arm, after that she wanted nothing to do with it!

The Big Cut

We took the girls to get their hair cut. Camdyn has never had her hair cut before, can you believe it?! Mainly because I did not want to cut her curls off. I fear that once they are gone they won't be coming back.....we just had her trim it for now. She did really well and sat very still, of course the promise of a sucker after she was done helped!

Pictures of the first cut:

Brynn's before picture:


Brynn wanted to get her hair cut short like Mommy, she also has this fear of her hair getting so long it touches her bum bum. She was very happy with the new 'do and so is Mommy, it's cute, cool, and easy and fast to fix!!


Two Weeks

We went to Rylan's two week appointment yesterday and she is gaining weight, growing, and looks healthy. At birth she was 6 lbs 9 oz, at three days old she had dropped down to 6 lbs 4 oz & 19 1/2 inches, and now at two weeks she is 7 lbs 11 oz & 20 inches long! She is a sweet baby and hardly ever cries. She received her first "real" bath....as much as I could since her cord is still there (yuck)...and she didn't cry at all! What a change from our 2nd child (sorry Cami!)!! I just love holding her and could hold her all day long, it's nice to snuggle while she still lets me. And I just love her smiles and all the other faces she makes in her sleep. We are enjoying her because we know how fast they grow. Here are a few pics from this last week: