Brynn's Pre-K Graduation

Brynn completed her first and last year of pre-k!! She loved her teacher, Ms. Sheryl, and told me that she wanted to always have her as her teacher!! I had to break the news to her that she gets a new teacher every year!

Hello Kindergarten in the fall!! This mommy will be pretty sad when that first day of school rolls around.

Brynn and her friends, Faith and Kennedy.

Brynn and her teacher, Ms. Sheryl.

Happy Fourth Birthday Camdyn!!

Happy Birthday Camdyn Hazel!! I can't believe you are growing up so fast, yet I feel like you act older than you are, maybe because you and your big sister are so close!! You are sweet, stubborn, sensitive, and dramatic. You are my little helper. You love to color, play with my little ponies, and ride your bike. You would wear nightgowns all day, every day if I let you. You love to sing, with Brynn or to yourself. You are very girly and if I let you pick out your clothes you always choose a dress and sandals or sparkly shoes.

Birthday breakfast in bed!! Camdyn saw this in a barbie princess movie and has wanted to have breakfast in bed ever since. I figured it was a good, special occasion! She wanted to celebrate her birthday at Chuck-E-Cheese and her cousins, McKlayne and Asher, happened to be in town to celebrate with her too!!

The Birthday Girl

Modeling her new nightgown.

Brent doesn't understand the girls' obsession with Chuck-E-Cheese. They get SO SO EXCITED when they get to see him, it's like meeting a celebrity!

Camdyn's picked her favorite princess, Cinderella, for her cake this year.

Doing a victory dance for winning in her new game "Pretty Pretty Princess".