Coming Soon...

Baby #4!!!  We love our kids so much, we decided to have one more!!! The newest Currie will debut around February 7, 2012. It is crazy to think that pretty soon we will be a family of six. Wow!! This little blessing was our first 'surprise', Rylan and baby will be a little bit closer than I would have liked to plan but our plan isn't always God's plan, right?! Mommy is 17 weeks and feeling better now. The first trimester was full of exhaustion, indigestion, nausea, and loss of appetite. Thankfully all that pretty much disappeared after 11 weeks. We will find out if it's a boy or girl at birth!

Here is Mommy's belly at 16 weeks.


O Canada, Part 3

We spent the night at Brent's Grandpa Macnab's farm. The girls had fun running around, exploring, petting the horses, going on rides in the golf cart, and picking the biggest dandelions they have ever seen!!

Playing "touch up girls", this is the name they made up for themselves when they wear high heels, pretend makeup, and jewelry.

Nice face Cami.

O Canada, Part 2

We know how much our girls love Chuck E Cheese, we had to visit it in Canada!! This was Cruz's, Bria's, and Hazel's first time at CEC!!

Poor Bria started to cry right when we snapped the picture. She got one look at Chuck up close and personal and decided she did not like what she saw!!

Brent took the girls ice skating, it was Camdyn's first time.

Cami the ham bone.

My girls like to give me the thumbs up sign!

BBQ with all Brent's friends, and their children and wives.

Dora the Pinata.

Brent with his Aunt Debbie, cousins, and Harry.

At the spray park, once again the water was freezing and it wasn't that warm outside. Wish we had this close to our house in Texas, it's so nice!!

Can you say worn out?!?

O Canada, Part 1

We went up to Canada for three weeks to visit Brent's family and friends. We had a wonderful vacation, minus the plane rides with a wiggly one year old, and spent a lot of good family time. The weather was beautiful (mostly 60s) and I enjoyed wearing jeans, leggings, and hoodies without sweating!! You can actually go outside and play up there without dying of a heat stroke, amazing!! Everything was green, something we Texans don't know about in this drought!

We took a lot of walks, played in a lot of parks, and swam in a lot of awesome indoor pools. Cara and Hazel were also in town, the girls had fun playing with Hazel. Their boy cousins were very good sports, playing whatever the girls wanted to! The Waltzes came into town and we got to hang out with them a lot. Cruz asked Cami if she would be his girlfriend, so cute!!

My little helper, hanging some laundry out to dry.

We visited Discovery Wildlife Park, home of some famous movie star bears! We saw a black bear and grizzly bear performing some pretty cool tricks. They also had monkeys, tigers, jaguars, a beaver, and more.

Some silliness while walking to the bear show.

We visited this little river two years ago when we were here, we did it again this year but it was much colder this time! The weather was maybe 70s but the water was freezing! Even Brent said it was cold. Rylan and Brynn only stuck their feet in, Camdyn was actually neck deep in it!

Frosting cupcakes=Messy girls

We went to an Antique and Tractor Show with Harry, he even had a table set up with his gun collection! The girls had fun going on train rides, wagon rides, pony rides, eating homemade cinnamon rolls, and more!

Brynn and Camdyn with their cousins, Jesse and Carter.

Cruz, Brynn, Camdyn, and Hazel