December Days in Pictures

I am at my Mom's and have my camera so here are some more pictures from the month of December:

Christmas at Pop's

The kids acted out the Christmas story.......I guess you could call it that! In truth, Charlie read it and the kids just dressed up!! We had many "Marys". Below is Angel Brynn & Mary Cami.

Joseph and Mary
 The actors and actresses

Mimi and her eight grandchildren!

Christmas Eve

I Love my Sisters!

Christmas morning, Rylan's 1st Christmas.

Camdyn's favorite present!

Brynn with her super cape.

Nana, Bumpa, and the girls

Camdyn and her Godmother, Rachel.

Rylan and one of her new presents.

Look what I can do.....I like to get on all fours and rock back and forth.

I was on my play mat one minute and then had scooted back under the table. I can scoot around pretty well these days.

Of course, my sisters had to copy me once they saw Mommy taking a picture of me!

These girls love to dress up, they probably change outfits three times a day!

What's going on in Rylan's mouth.....don't underestimate, these two little things are SHARP!


Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011

The biggest change around here is that the Curries are starting out 2011 in a new house! That's right, we sold our first home (sniff, sniff). Brent spends a lot of his days off from the fire department at his crossfit gym in Boerne, so it would be nice and convenient if we lived closer. We decided to put our house on the market and would only sell it if we made some money on it......well it sold in less than two weeks!! Thankfully my parents old house, the one I grew up in, is still for sale so we are living there for now until it sells or we find something else! The one draw back is we are not getting Internet hooked up there so I will probably not be able to blog as much as normal, please forgive me!!

Rylan is now five months old and quite the little stinker! She weighs 14 lbs 3 oz, has her two bottom teeth, rolls both ways, has finally started to like the car seat, won't take a bottle, and doesn't really like baby cereal or baby food. She reminds me a lot of Camdyn, both in looks and in personality, except I think Rylan is even more stubborn than Cami! Is that possible?!? Starting about a month ago Rylan went from being a great sleeper to the worst! At first I chalked it up to ear infections and teeth, but it's not getting any better. She is fine during the day, napping well but wakes up often at night. I have definitely met my match when it comes to crying it out!

Camdyn has graduated from her crib to a toddler bed! We made the change beginning of December and she hasn't looked back since. Brynn is finally interested in coloring and writing letters. Before I would ask her to write her name and she would just say, "I can't", without even trying. Now she will write her name all on her own.

We had a wonderful Christmas with friends and family. Here are some recent pictures:

Mommy got a new camera for Christmas so hopefully I will put it to good use and take some good pictures!!