All in one day........

These videos were taken within minutes of each other.......my how fast her attitude changes!!
Here is Brynn having a pretend one sided conversation.

Here is a video of little miss dramatic,
what big sighs she has!


Rolly Polly

Now that she can roll it takes her awhile to go to sleep.....she's too busy playing!

A girl's best friend......

As Brynn would say "poor Secky"
(this is what she calls him).
Fezzik is such a good sport!Little Cam.
Brynn and her cousin Asher.
Is she being shy or sassy??
We did not even PLAN the matching sail boats!!



Talk about a.........


This is what you see when:
Syrup (waffles from breakfast) + Sticky hands (touching hair) +
Nap (sleeping face down) =


What a sweet face!

Lost Pines Vacay

About a month ago my sisters, my mom, and all the kiddos went on a mini-vacation to the Hyatt Resort in Lost Pines. It is beautiful there! We had so much fun just laying by the pool....and of course getting spa treatments! The resort is very kid friendly......which was definitely a requirement for us since we had five kids under the age of 2!! How crazy are we?! We got some weird looks and funny comments about all the kids.

Here are some pictures from the trip:

Camdyn laying in the shade.

Three thirsty swimmers.....and Aunt Kirby hiding in the background!

One big happy fam!

Cutie Patooties.

The famous cousin pic! (From the left: Brynn, Camdyn,
Reid, Asher, McKlayne, & Stella)

Stella might be little, but she is one BIG eater!

Mimi, Brynn, and Stella by the kiddie pool.

Reid, the oldest of all the cousins.

This one is trouble!

No fear with this one!

I think the bucket weighs as much as she does!

Kissing cousins, again!

On our way to the horse stable.

Aunt Kyle and Stella.

Mimi, Reid, and Camdyn.

Looking at the horses.

Patiently waiting to ride.

Poor little Stella had to watch this time......maybe next year. Reid is busy riding his horse.

Giving the horse kisses.

Getting to know the horses.

Brynn's first time on a horse!

She was so cute, and really enjoyed it. She kept saying hold on tight and giddy-up.

Her helmet kept tilting to the side, it was adorable.


Four months

Camdyn is happy and healthy weighing in at 13 pounds 15 ounces (60%) and 25 inches long(85%). She is a content baby and smiles easily (unlike her sister).....I would say she is friendlier than Brynn!! TOTALLY different personalities! Cam is a mommy's girl, especially when she is tired.

This is one of her favorite things to do.....chew on her hands!

My two favorite girls!!

August Review

She loves Mickey and Minnie Mouse and will sing the beginning of the clubhouse TV show. Look for Minnie Mouse this Halloween!

Looks like she has some big shoes to fill....

Our future hockey star.

Our good friend Jacqui and her son Trip came to visit us this summer, we had such a GREAT time with them. We wish they lived closer! Here is a pic of Trip and Cam (he is 10 weeks older than her).

Nice nails! This is the way Brynn eats her raspberries, thanks to "Stunna"!

Here is Brynn in her big girl bed, although that only lasted for about a week! It seemed that every third day she would sleep great, only getting out once before she fell asleep. On the other days she would get out multiple times and just play around, taking 2 hours to fall asleep. Notice Brent works every third day......see any correlation?? :o)

Needless to say she is back in the crib for now because I value that couple of hours when both girls are sleeping at the same time!



Well good news on the house hunting........we just submitted our first offer and they ACCEPTED!! WOW!! We are pretty surprised and shocked that they didn't counter, but very pleased indeed! Now the fun begins.........

Wildlife Ranch

We went to the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, our first visit went quite well!! The ranch covers 400 acres and you drive around in your car and get to see and feed the animals. We saw many animals among them: buffalo, camels, rhinos, giraffes, ostrichs, and zebras.
Brynn's favorite animal was the giraffe.

This buffalo was really interested in us....or maybe just in our food! At one point we thought we were going to lose the side mirror on the car......he was scratching his neck on it!! And he was quite SMELLY!!

Brynn feeding the animals. Watch out for those horns!

These things really freak me out. Every time an ostrich would come on my side of the car I would roll up my window. This one was pretty bold and was sticking his head inside the car!