Brynn's 1st Day of PreK

Brynn has a summer birthday and just turned five, she could have gone into kinder this year but we decided to wait until next year to send her. She did start her first day of preK at FBC of Boerne! She goes twice a week, 9:30am-2:20pm and she really enjoys it!! Not that I had any doubt, I knew this rule following,  eager to learn girl would love it. You would think having her gone two days a week would make it easier on me......it actually makes our life busier now that she is in school, not easier! We all have to be up and ready to go and actually be somewhere two days (on time!), plus my other morning when I go to bible study! Though it is weird on the days that I have only two kids....it feels like I am forgetting something!

Dropping Brynn off on her 1st day, her BFF misses her yet enjoys it at the same time!

In other news and pictures.......
This girl is still my most dramatic, expressive, best face maker ever! She has such a wonderful imagination. She loves to play dress up with her best friend Cami, loves to play with her little figures, loves to color/draw/write her letters, puzzles, and loves to read. She says some funny things and ask questions out of the blue, like the other day:
B: will I be young or old when I'm in heaven?
M: that's a good question, I don't know.
(after pondering it for a second)
B: I think I will be young.
She loves to talk and has some of the longest stories ever!
This little girl loves her blankie! I cannot even describe how sweet and happy she is all the time. She is my most 'go with the flow' baby ever, and as long as she has her blankie, she is happy! She also loves to suck on her upper lip when she is tired, it's oh so cute. She is all over the place, walking and running as fast as her little legs will take her!

Camdyn is sweet and tender hearted yet can be really stubborn at times. She is all girl, she loves makeup and all things lipstick or chapstick! She is all about fashion, loves dresses, shoes, boots, purses, and jewelry.....needless to say I think we will be in trouble come 10+ years!! She plays well with Brynn and plays well on her own too. Her most favorite princess is Cinderella. She asks lots of questions!! And she still loves her blankie to sleep.

The girls are now taking gymnastics class, they are in the same class (for my sanity) and one of their friends is with them as well! They really enjoy it....I don't know which they like more, going to class or wearing their leotards!!

The Halfway Point

It is hard to believe that I am halfway done with my pregnancy!! I am going to enjoy these last 19 weeks because this is more than likely my last pregnancy......I say that because it's my plan, the question is, does God agree??

We had our big ultrasound appointment and the baby looks good. Everything is as it should be, measuring a few days ahead of my official due date, weighing around 11 ounces. This little peanut was head up and he/she is pretty lazy compared to my girls. We are going to be surprised (again!).....I am expecting a girl but have a boy feeling. Does that make sense?? We have had our boy named picked out since we were surprised with Cami and since we haven't had to use it in the last 3+ years....... We are having a very difficult time with a girl name, I mean we have already had to decide on three of them!!! I bet we will wait until the baby is born and than decide.

I feel great, still continuing to crossfit and run a few times a week. I have gained 11 pounds at this point. Sleeping on my stomach is now very uncomfortable (it's hard to breathe) and laying on my back is out too!! I still feel so good that a lot of times I forget I'm pregnant, until I look down and see my big belly!