A Seewald Tradition

Kyle started this tradition with Reid, many years ago, and I have done the pumpkin pictures with all of our girls. For their first Fall the baby gets to sit in a pumpkin and have her picture taken. Let's just say that Rylan was not a fan!!

The very first picture.....not so sure.....

Not liking it one bit.....


Friday Funnies

Brynn talking about putting up Christmas ornaments on the tree:
"You already put up the breakables, can I put up the gentables?"


She won't take a paci, but........................





Watch Out, Getting Crafty On You.......

Okay, not really, but I did make this (under my sister's instruction of course!)...........

Interested in making one of these?? Go here for directions and please don't be comparing my wreath to his......the difference: he is crafty and I just try. His is beautiful!! This was my first one after all, always room for improvement! I want to make another one with pretty colors like him. Brent said we have enough wreaths. I did make a cool vintage one two years ago..........

Wreath business, anyone??

Little Turkeys

We are so very Thankful for our three turkeys...........

This Little Turkey's 1st Thanksgiving!


Four Months

What's new in Rylan's world:
  • 13 pounds 14 ounces (60%)
  • 24 inches long (50%)
  • Her tiny little head, 15 inches, is less than 5%!! Her head is so small it's hard to find a hat that fits!!
  • Unfortunately we have had a first: double ear infections!
  • Working on her two bottom teeth.
  • Getting a little better in the car now that she can play with her friend Eli the Elephant.
  • Still no pacis for her and won't take a bottle.
  • Good at rolling from her tummy to her back, now if only she could roll back to her tummy so she wouldn't get stuck!
  • Got her ears pierced!!

How big is the baby??

Sporting her new bling bling!

This photo cracks me up. What do you think she is thinking here?? Maybe "Hey Lady, quit taking my picture. That light is annoying!"


Trying to catch her little giggle, she was a little distracted by the camera.....



You know you have a house full of girls when you have Ariel (the little mermaid), Cinderella, and a ladybug for Halloween! As usual the girls had a chance to wear their costumes a couple of times this year. On the Wednesday before Halloween we went to my Aunt Becky's church to go trunk or treating, then on Friday we had a party with the girls' friends. On Halloween night we went trunk or treating (at another church) and topped it off with trick or treating around our neighborhood. The girls loved wearing their princess dresses and getting their hair sprayed. At first Ariel was nervous to get her hair sprayed red......so she made Cinderella get her hair sprayed with glitter first! The little ladybug wore her costume to some of the festivities, but on Halloween it was 87 degrees so she wore her spider shirt. Halloween in Texas, you never know what the weather will be like!!

These cute Halloween dresses were made by Kyle and Kirby!

Rylan's 1st Halloween

At the Halloween party

On the big night

Cinderella and her Fairy Godmother

Trick or Treat!

By the end of the night, Cinderella needed a ride on her coach!


Pumpkin carving

Sassy pumpkin

and the littlest pumpkin

Our haunted houses



Is there a pause button on Rylan that I can push?!? She is so darn cute and little and sometimes I want her to stay that way forever!! She doesn't talk back, or run away from me, and she lets me cuddle her whenever I want. Here she is at three months rolling over from belly to back already. No baby girl, don't grow up so fast!!!

The rolling to her back has messed up her sleep schedule at night. She was sleeping from 9pm-8am for two weeks but now she rolls to her back around 4am and cries because she can't get back to her belly yet!!


We are Family

A few pictures of the girls with their grandparents and cousins when they were all here. We love our family!!

A Must In Every Girl's Wardrobe

We have three girls. They have some a lot of clothes. There is a lot of pink, pretty, sparkly things in their closets. It is fun to dress girls!! A necessity for every little girl's wardrobe.......
Tutus and Twinkle Toes


Friday Funnies

This is what happens when Mimi lets the girls play in her make-up drawer; Cami has mascara and Brynn has lip gloss.

Real proof that she doesn't know how to put it on!


The girls had skipped their nap one day and were watching Aladdin. Brynn came running out to us saying, "Cami is asleep, she is sleeping!" We walked in and saw this...........................


Brynn is now obsessed with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and this is how she says it........