Christmas '08

We took the girls and got their pictures taken yesterday. Here they are:


Say WHAT?!?

Here is a hilarious video of Brynn saying squirrel. This is really how she pronounced it for the first time.

I first heard her say it after I came home from running the turkey trot. Bumpa had babysat and Brynn was telling me how they went on a walk and saw squirrels. Of course I didn't know what she was saying at first......frog? fork? she would say no. Then finally I said squirrel? and she beamed and said yes squirrels. We are currently working on our pronunciation of squirrel!!

Finally, House Pics!!

As requested here are a few house pics. If you would like to see the real thing come over and I will give you a tour!!

Pictures of the girl's rooms (notice they are both asleep in their beds)!!
Brynn's room

Camdyn's room

Living room

Formal dinning, without the table!



Hill Country Christmas

We went to Schlitterbahn's Hill Country Christmas. Brynn went ice skating for the very first time. It was good Christmas fun and they did a really good job with all the lights. My favorite were the singing trees on the river that changed lights!

Getting to meet Rudolph

A natural just like her daddy.

Watching the Christmas parade.

Some more Christmas pictures.

Videos of Brynn ice skating:

Camdyn: 7 months

It is hard to believe that my baby girl is 7 months old!! She has such a sweet dispostion!! She is so happy and very patient. She has two little bottom teeth that appeared at 6 months. She has been sitting on her own since 6 months and she is starting to crawl....not the full fledge belly off the floor, on all fours all the time, but she is working on it. And if you are lucky she waves hi to you! She weighs in around 17 pounds.

She has been eating baby food for about a month and seems to like it....although she wasn't too fond when she first started!!
Trying carrots for the first time.

Brynn's favorite thing to do first thing in the morning is to lay with Camdyn in her bed. She always asks to lay with sissy. It is such a wonderful sight to see how much these two love eachother already. I hope they will grow up being best friends. Sisters are such a blessing!!

Here are two videos: one trying to get her to wave to the camera and watching her get to her bottle.


We went and saw Santa for the first time this year and this is the first year Brynn did NOT scream and cry!! Yay Brynn!! She was a little hesitant at first, but who wouldn't be when someone tells you to go sit on some stranger's lap!?! Camdyn was her usual happy, smiley self. A picture of two smiling girls sitting on Santa's lap....I can't believe it!!

Shamu, Shamu

We took Bumpa and Nana to Sea World. We got to see Shamu, dolphins, horses, sharks, penguins, and the Polar Express in 4D. Lots of fun!!

We have passes to Sea World and Brynn just LOVES Shamu.....hard to believe this is the same girl who was scared to death the first time we went to the shamu show. She had her head buried in Brent's shoulder and you couldn't even pry her out of his arms!! But she has come to love him and asks to go see him all the time. She also likes the dolphins and the penguins to which she always says "penguins like snow" in this sing song voice.

On her very favorite ride, the log ride. She was not scared one bit the first time she went on with me. She asks to ride it again and again.

Thanksgiving '08

I have A LOT to be thankful for this year. Here are some pictures of the girls taken by our good friend Bob.

Brynn is obsessed with Uncle Jordan.....obsessed!! All I hear is "I wanna see Jordan" over and over again!!

Brynn and Cooper playing. As soon as Brynn saw this "barn" she was asking to see all the animals on the farm. Poor girl didn't know it was just a fancy red shed, with the only animal around being a dog!!