Is there a pause button on Rylan that I can push?!? She is so darn cute and little and sometimes I want her to stay that way forever!! She doesn't talk back, or run away from me, and she lets me cuddle her whenever I want. Here she is at three months rolling over from belly to back already. No baby girl, don't grow up so fast!!!

The rolling to her back has messed up her sleep schedule at night. She was sleeping from 9pm-8am for two weeks but now she rolls to her back around 4am and cries because she can't get back to her belly yet!!


We are Family

A few pictures of the girls with their grandparents and cousins when they were all here. We love our family!!

A Must In Every Girl's Wardrobe

We have three girls. They have some a lot of clothes. There is a lot of pink, pretty, sparkly things in their closets. It is fun to dress girls!! A necessity for every little girl's wardrobe.......
Tutus and Twinkle Toes


Friday Funnies

This is what happens when Mimi lets the girls play in her make-up drawer; Cami has mascara and Brynn has lip gloss.

Real proof that she doesn't know how to put it on!


The girls had skipped their nap one day and were watching Aladdin. Brynn came running out to us saying, "Cami is asleep, she is sleeping!" We walked in and saw this...........................


Brynn is now obsessed with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and this is how she says it........


Three months

Things about Rylan at three months old:
  • 13 pounds 6 ounces
  • She loves to stick her tongue out.
  • She hates the car seat, and I mean hate! When we are in the car, she is crying 90% of the time!
  • Wonderful sleeper! She usually goes to sleep around 9 pm and sleeps til 7:30-8am!! Mommy loves you!!
  • Happy baby with a sweet disposition (minus car time!).
  • Loves to be outside.
  • Thinks her sisters are funny.
  • Loves to smile and talk to anyone.
  • Sleeping in her big crib in her very own room.
  • At nap time Mommy can usually put her down and she fusses for a minute or two and then goes to sleep.
  • Is a super pooper! This girl has gone through a lot of outfits and oxiclean spray.
  • Loves to be up; sitting up on your lap, in the bumbo, or up on your shoulder.

Rylan at her first wedding. Sleeping on Cousin Tyler.

Mommy's date

Love Creek Pumpkin Patch

We went to Love Creek Pumpkin Patch in Medina with Bumpa and Nana. My little pumpkins, ready for some fun!

Painting pumpkins

Playing instruments along with the band, while Bumpa and Daddy were making animal sounds.

Feeding the animals

Thanks Bumpa for the pony rides!!

The one and only family picture we had taken......of course it's the end of the day and the girls are tired, cranky and ready to go (including Brent!). Not perfect but such is our life.


Hello Again

Yes I have been noticeably absent on my blogging.....it's been just a little bit busy around the Currie household. Hopefully I will be all caught up by the end of the week!! We have been fortunate enough to have Bumpa, Nana, and Grandma all come visit us in the same month!! With company and a new baby, comes a busy time filled with lots of action! My hands are usually full and I don't always have an extra hand to take as many pictures as I would like.....nor do I have extra patience to try to get the 'perfect' picture.

Here are just a few random pictures of my cuties:
Cowgirl Cami

 Bee Happy

These two BFFs might fight sometimes, but they laugh often.

Ready to go on her "Expedition".

Love those chubber cheeks!!

And this one is for Brent, because he just LOVES the bow head!!

A little Late......

I have been asked why no one ever saw pictures of the wedding I was in on July 10th.....maybe because I was 37 weeks pregnant in a robin's egg blue dress??

Hmmmm that is a good reason!

The bride and her besties....

Celebrating our 6th anniversary.......at least one of us looks good.  Happy Anniversary to my amazing husband.

I don't like it when people say pregnant women look like they are going to pop.....but it was true about me wearing this dress, about to pop out of it!

I had my sweet Rylan just NINE days later.......give this girl a break!