That is how the summer is here. HOT. Today it reached 105 F!! We go to the pool a lot, it is the only place where we are outside for an extended period of time. We have a gym membership at Lifetime, it is our lifeline this summer. They have a fabulous kid friendly pool, it is 5 minutes from our house, and some of our friends are members too. Here are some pictures from the pool:

Camdyn sticking her face in the bubbles.



The Stelmazewski Clan came to San Antonio a few weeks ago and we had the pleasure to hang out with them often!! Usually they are so busy while they are here (understandable) but they managed to squeeze in some time for us and we had a lot of fun! Kegan is 6 months older than Brynn, and they get along really well. She calls him Kegan even though you pronounce it Keegan....and was asking where is my friend Kegan all week. They also have a daughter Parker who is a few months older than Camdyn. While they were here we got to go to Sea World, the zoo, Chick-fil-a, and the pool. It would be GREAT if they lived here....but I'll keep wishin'. Here are some pictures courtesy of Kristin.

At Sea World (minus the babies, it was too hot to drag them around)

They LOVED the Log ride, but we only got to ride it once because the line was really long.

With Shamu

They were so cute holding hands...and no we didn't pose this, they really did it on their own.

At the splash pad at Sea World, right before Brynn fell and cracked her head on the ground. (she is a serious klutz)

In front of the horses.

Feeding dolphins

This trip Brynn got to ride the kiddie Shamu roller coaster for the first time! Every time we drive by Fiesta Texas she says "there's the rolly coaster, I want to go on it". So she finally got her chance to ride one and she loved it. She screamed with delight the whole time!!

At the Zoo: Brynn and Parker


Father's Day

My girls are blessed to have a daddy who

loves them unconditionally

is selfless

is hands on

provides for them

protects them

plays with them

encourages them

teaches them

loves us well

It started with one......

Then we added another......

Now he has his hands full

We love you!!


Camdyn LOVES:

  • talking on the phone
  • her blankets
  • eating, she will eat anything
  • making a mess (especially when eating)
  • her 'ba ba'
  • giving kisses
  • her Mommy (major Mama's girl)
  • walking around
  • anything that is not a toy (trash, water bottles)
  • eating paper
  • going through all the cabinets, especially the bathroom cabinets
  • laughing with or at her sister

Helping Mommy make brownies. Not too sure if I like it since it means sharing the bowl with her! The next night she told me she wanted to make brownies again.
I am happy to report that the Wiggle obsession is over...for now. But now we have moved on to Aladdin. She loves Aladdin. She would probably watch the movie on repeat all day long if I let her. Name assignments given out by Brynn: Her name is Aladdin, I am Genie, Cam is Aboo, and Brent is the Magic Carpet. Good thing she didn't say I was Jafar!!

Here is a video of Camdyn walking all around. She just walks around the house, usually carrying something around. She loves her blankets and takes them with her every where.

And of course Brynn had to get some camera time too!!

High School Grad

Wade is officially a high school graduate!! Here are some pictures of the big day.

The gang is almost all here.........