The Big 3, With A Little Bit of Mother's Day

Sunday was a big day in our house, not only was it Mother's Day but also Camdyn's 3rd Birthday!! It was mostly about her, but seeing how happy and excited she was I wouldn't have it any other way. I think she was the happiest birthday girl I have ever seen!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Cami. You are the girliest girl of this all girl family, you love to wear dresses and all the accessories to go with it; shoes, purses, hats, and jewelry, the more the better! Your favorite color is pink, of course. You love to play with baby dolls and princesses, and you also love to dress up. You often ask us, "Do I look pretty?" once you are all dressed.  And you have to wear a bow in your hair, it's a must. Brynn is your best friend, you two are constantly telling me "I only played with Brynn/Cami, she's my best friend".You love to help me around the house, whether it's helping me make dinner, doing laundry, or cleaning the house. You love to sing: in the car, in bed, while you are getting your hair fixed. I love to listen to your sweet voice. With your third birthday comes no more soothies at night and a big girl bed, you are officially a big girl now! You like to sleep in in the morning and lay in bed and cuddle after you wake up, at night you are my little night owl, talking to yourself in your bed. You are such a joy to this family. We love our sweet, stubborn, fun loving Camdyn.

The morning of your birthday you woke up to this on your bathroom mirror, and you felt so special. You kept saying and singing happy birthday to yourself all day.

The Birthday Girl and Mommy on Mother's Day.

Mommy and her three precious girls.

Camdyn's Dora cake, per request.

Morning Birthday Pancakes

Brynn might be her best friend, but Cami will still throw her an elbow to keep her from blowing her candle out!

The happiest birthday girl.

Her favorite princess, Cinderella.

Camdyn and Brynn doing their "Jerry and Nibbles Dance".

Happy 3rd Birthday Camdyn, we love you!!!


Rylan's First Easter

Here are some pictures of my little darling from her 'photo shoot'. Sorry there are soooo many....I couldn't pick just one!!!

Easter Part Two

On Easter morning we went over to Mimi's house after church. We had a big brunch, took lots and lots and lots of pictures, and than had an Easter egg hunt. Happy Easter 2011!!

This picture cracks me up with Rylan's hair blowing straight up!

Getting ready for the hunt. Ready, Set, GO!

Serious concentration with this girl.

Easter Part One

All of my siblings and their children came into town Easter weekend. We went to Messiah's Easter Celebration on Saturday. They have games, crafts, petting zoo, barrel rides, pony rides, and an Easter egg hunt. This is the third year we have gone and the kids always have such a good time.

Later that night we went over to Mimi's house and the kids did confetti eggs. Uncle Jordan was a good sport.........

Then we roasted some marshmallows....HUGE marshmallows!