Pink or Blue??

The results are in!! The final majority vote for the gender of this baby was: BOY. We shall see who is right and who is wrong very soon. We can't wait to find out!

And here is the most recent belly pic at 37+ weeks.


Kiddie Park

Kirby and Asher came into town to visit and we had lots of fun together. We took the kids to Kiddie Park, which is an amuesment park that we use to go to when we were little! Founded in 1925, it is the oldest and original children's amusement park in America. Yes it is old and looks a little run down, but we had a lot of fun and that's all that matters!! You all know how shy and reserved Brynn can be, but she didn't mind riding the rides by herself. I was very proud of Brynn for not being scared! The first ride she rode on she kinda whined at first but once it started moving she liked it. Her favorite rides were the airplanes and boats. Asher's favorite were the cars and airplanes. Kirby and I were only allowed to go on the carousel and helicopters with them, but that's okay because they both made me dizzy, especially the helicopters!!

The car ride was the first ride they went on.

Riding the horse, saying Yee-Haw!

They both liked the boat ride, although Asher kept standing up so his ride was cut short. They both leaned over and touched the water, but Asher was the one who then stuck his fingers in his mouth! The water probably hasn't been changed/cleaned since the park first opened in 1925--yummy!!

The airplane ride was a favorite, breezy and nice and quiet.

We had lots of fun at Kiddie Park!


34 weeks and counting!

Here is an update on baby #2: I had my doctor appointment and another ultrasound today to check the growth of the baby since I am measuring small and not gaining weight. Everything looks good and the baby is gaining weight and is about 4 lbs 12 oz. He/She has gained 2 lbs since my last ultrasound 6 weeks ago. I am still staying the same at 15 pounds total gained, but my doctor said he is not worried as long as the baby is growing. The baby's head is oh so low (which explains the constant peeing), so he said that could be why I am measuring small and because I am tall. He also gave me the go ahead to return to running--yay! Although after taking a few weeks off we'll see if that really happens! It was so amazing to get another peek at our little one!! He/She's legs were firmly closed so no surprises were revealed today. I could see some hair and it looks like he/she has a very nice set of lips on them! Oh and I was also told that the head is nice and round, which is what they said about Brynn too. So I am interested to meet this little one and see what they look like. Not too much longer!!