Wild West Day

Brent took the two big girls to Wild West Day last week. They had a wonderful time racing stick horses and mutton bustin'. Brynn won the stick race by audience applause based on who had the best horse trot. I was shocked that Brynn wanted to go mutton bustin', she did......for a second!!!

Dance Party at Our House


Easter 2012

We had a nice, relaxing Easter celebrating our Lord's Resurrection. We went to the annual Easter Celebration at my Aunt's church on Saturday. Sunday was filled with Church, brunch at my Mom's, kids and adult egg hunt. The kids had fun with the hunt and the so did the adults!! I was the big winner this year. Unfortunately the Apels did not come to town because Asher had chicken pox, we missed them!

Camdyn's baby lady stuffed animal is floating in the background!!

Rylan was finished taking pictures at this point.

Life With Four

Life with four children is busy. More stuff, more laundry, more work, more fun, more joy, more of everything, except less time to myself!!

Brynn is finishing up pre K and she's been enrolled in kinder for the fall. I can't believe she will be in school full time soon!! sniff, sniff. She loves her baby brother and is often right up in his face calling him mr. burpee. Brynn and Camdyn are still in gymnastics and love it. Camdyn is still a baby lover and Rylan has turned into one too, they both love to play outside. Camdyn is such a girly girl. Rylan is my little shadow following me around everywhere. She is starting to say more and more words, although her favorite word is still NO!!! She says it to just about everything! She'll judge if she's in trouble or not by her smile, if she smiles at you and you smile back than she knows she's good! Park is a sweet boy, not my worst baby but not my best!! Some days he's really content and other times he can be really fussy and gassy. He really likes to sleep in his bed and is a good sleeper. At five weeks he would go to bed around 9:30pm and sleep til 5am, at eight weeks he goes to bed between 8-9pm and sleeps til 7am!! He started smiling at six weeks and now at two months he is smiling and cooing.

Camdyn was our photographer here.....

pretty good for a three year old!!

Park started smiling at 6 weeks.