Here are some updated pics of Brynn at 7 weeks. We are having so much fun with her!


Here is Brynn and Mimi after her first bath at home. Is she cute or what??

Brynn Marie Currie is finally here!! She was born July 5th at 7:30pm, weighing in at 6lbs 8oz and 18.5" long. Here are pics of the proud parents!!


Here I am at 38 weeks.....still waiting!! Looks like she's dropped.....I wonder when she's going to come?!?


Here I am at 37 weeks.....I think I'm ready now!!


32 weeks.....eight more weeks to go! Still feeling great.


Here's the belly at 28+ weeks. The third trimester begins! Getting bigger and bigger!!


Here I am at 23 weeks, just starting my 6th month for those of you that don't know!! Wow what a difference 5 weeks makes!!


It's a GIRL!!

The second picture is a picture of the 'goods'. The tech said 100% sure it's a girl! yeah!!!

The first pic on the left is of her one of her legs, according to the tech she has long legs (like her mom I guess)! The other one is a pic of her face with her hand on the top of her head.


Here I am at 18 weeks. Total 5 lbs gained. I can't button my pants anymore!! Due date 7/9/06. Next ultrasound on 2/16 and we can find out if it's a boy or girl! Can't wait!!
Here is our first 'baby'. Fezzik, our 9 month old Great Dane. Boy is he in for a surprise when the baby gets here!!

Avery & Brent on their wedding day 7/10/04. How time flies!