Friday Funnies

Brynn and I were having a discussion about Jesus, heaven, etc.

M: Do you know how you get to heaven?

after a long pause,

B: You drive there??


Whenever I am talking to Rylan, Cami will come in the room and say, "Mommy, she can't talk".


Brynn and Camdyn have given their baby sister a nickname, "babyhoe". 

I have no idea where this came from!

Update in Pictures

Rylan is 8 months old now, weighs 15 lbs 14 oz, and has 8 teeth! Poor girl has the biggest gap between her two front teeth....it seems that all the Currie girls have gaps but Rylan has the biggest by far! She is crawling, pulling herself up, cruising, and getting into everything. She is at the age where she does not stay where you put her so it's difficult to get some things done around the house when she is awake. She sleeps 12hrs at night and naps twice a day. She is a really happy baby and while I have called her my "high maintenance" baby, she has gotten better as she has gotten more mobile. She enjoys her bath time when she gets the tub to herself. She is like a mother of three, quiet and alone time in the bathroom does not happen very often, but when it does she enjoys every minute of it!!! She has learned to give kisses............wet open mouth kisses, but does not always give them on command! She has a contagious smile and scrunches up her nose when  excited and happy.