Cadet Currie!!

We are so excited to say that our prayers have been answered!! Brent just found out that he got into the San Antonio Fire Academy!! You don`t even know how excited we both are. The class starts January 22nd so we plan to be moving south at the beginning of the year.

I am so proud of him because I know how competitive this process is. His patience has paid off!

What a good start to a new year!!


Wheels on the bus

Here is a video of Brynn singing her favorite song....actually I am singing so please forgive my voice, just focus on my precious daughter!! She loves to sing and I have been trying to get her on video for awhile, but every time she sees the camera she will not perform. I guess she has a little stage fright! On Thursdays we go to music class and Friday we go to the library. This Friday she really showed off doing all the motions for the wheels on the bus. Normally when we are in class she is too busy watching all the other kids! Enjoy!

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Merry Christmas!

We just made elves of ourselves.

Check us out!



What Belly??

Here is the start of the belly pictures. Some of you may say what belly? but believe me when I say that it is growing and changing! I can tell a difference. Plus it is a good thing I am not huge yet, as I am only 13 weeks so I have plenty of time to get there! The same people that are asking where my belly is now, will be telling me how big it is (soon I am sure). I definitely notice that my body is changing sooner with baby #2 than it did with Brynn. I love the preggo belly and will be happy to have one....what I do not like is the awkward stage.

Just ask Brynn where her belly is and she is all to HAPPY and PROUD to show it off!! Every woman should have this kind of confidence!

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!

Well we had only been back from our trip for three days when we wake up to snow! It's starting already!! Now I know that I am use to snow (more than you Texans), but I have a fear that once it snows it will be on the ground 24/7!! Don't get me wrong, it is beautiful....but being a true Texan it makes me really nervous to drive in. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.............

Here is Brynn all bundled up in her snow gear....let me just say that I get sweaty just getting her dressed!! Brynn's Texas roots are shining through because she is NOT a fan of the snow. She is fine if you carry her or push her in her stroller, but she wants nothing to do with playing in it. Grandpa Harry is going to be on the look out for a sled. oh what fun!

Leave it to Brynn to find one thing that she does like about the snow....to EAT it!! That's my girl!


Trick or Treat!

My little ladybug!

We were actually in Flint Michigan visiting friends over Halloween. We trick or treated in the Lawrence's neighborhood (our 'family' in Michigan) and Danielle and Reagan came with us. We had a lot of fun, despite the rainy weather!

Getting lots of treats for mommy!

The ladybug and the dinosaur, (Brynn and Reagan).

Happy Halloween!

Kissing Pumpkins

She found a pumpkin just her size!

Family fun at the pumpkin patch!