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So everyone knows Brynn's obsession with Aladdin right?? Well now she is obsessed with pretty much all the Disney prince and princesses. I think she has almost all the little figures, usually takes at least two with us where ever we may go. So I asked her what she wanted to be for Halloween. Her answer "little mermaid". Well I told her we would start looking at the store, but that Ariel might be kind of hard to walk in.

Tight mermaid tail+klutzy girl=disaster

Today we saw Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White at Costco for a good price so I told her to pick one. And she picked...............

She LOVES this thing already, even wore it to dinner tonight.
Yup she is now that little girl you see out, wearing her dress up clothes all over town.
I tried to warn her:
you might get it dirty at dinner
you might trip on the dress

She was determined to wear it.
but she did look darn cute in it.

The 'balloon lady' at Longhorn even made her a Snow White balloon! Now that is talent.

Guess what she told me I am going to be for Halloween??
A Witch.

Cool Cami in her shades. She is a girly girl. Loves to wear sunglasses, hats, necklaces, carry purses, loves babies, and everything that goes along with them. Our friend has a mini baby carrier car seat and mini stroller and she is always playing with it when we go over there.
Guess I know what she wants for Christmas.
And NO we actually don't have any!!

This is what happens when you give your 15 month old a bowl of pasta:
And Brynn copying Cami, thankfully not with her pasta bowl.

Where is the hose when you need it?!?

Brynn laying on Cami.....only lasted about 2 seconds before Cami got mad.

Not sure what kind of smile Cami has on her face??
Scary smile??

I painted Brynn's toes for the first time, she was so super excited!!

White dresses picture for you Mom...............only missing five other little people!!


Out with the Old, In with the New

Some exciting stuff happening around here.

No more soothies (aka pacifiers) for Brynn!! Now honestly I personally don't feel that it is wrong that she only uses them when she sleeps, she is a great sleeper and napper. If having a soothie comforts her to sleep in her own bed than fine, but how old is too old?! She doesn't seem to be wanting to give them up on her own, she is in no hurry!! Not to mention I am a little worried about the front teeth!

Brent and I felt that she is old enough to understand and comprehend our reasoning. You're a big girl, only babies use them, etc etc. She really liked this one because I was going through all the kids we know that don't use soothies and she would say "who else?" "mommy? daddy?".

We cut the nipple off so that she had the base to hold onto at first. Of course she didn't see me cut it, we just told her they were broken. Then she asked "can we fix them Mommy? Can we get some tape?" It was so cute. She has been soothie free for 4 nights and it hasn't been a problem. Bittersweet cause our little girl is growing up!!

More exciting news, we have a new addition to the fam! Kyle had Nash on Wednesday (click on his name to see some pics). Welcome to the world Nash Montalbo!! We love you already!!

Canada 2009

Two weeks in Canada.

We enjoyed the break from the heat. The weather was fabulous. It was so nice to go outside to play and not sweat! What a change! One of the great things about Canada is that they have tons of outdoor parks, walking trails, playgrounds, splash pads, and rivers.

We had a wonderful time getting to see our family and friends. We stayed with Harry and Faye for 4 days, went to Mickey and Jeff's for a week, then back to Harry's for the remainder. We had some BBQs and relaxed. Brent and Brynn went out to Harry's acreage and Brynn got to ride on a tractor--which is her favorite part of the trip she says. They also took her fishing. Ask her what she caught, "just weeds".

Look close to see the catch of the day.

Brynn got to play with a lot of girl's her age. She loved playing with her cousin Savaya. Brynn usually refers to herself as Aladdin so Savaya was Jasmine and they liked dancing together. The girls also enjoyed running back and forth on the deck while the King of Thieves aka Brent tried to get them. Brynn and Cami also met Hazel, Sydney, Mila, Ella, Maddy, and Cruz (poor guy was the only boy around)! When we went over to Jeebo and Kristin's for a BBQ Brynn, Ella, and Maddy had a tea party. They sat at a little table, ate fruit, and poured lemonade. By the end of the day the table was floating in lemonade!!

We survived the long plane rides....almost. It was Cami's first plane ride and she did great--until the last half on our way home. She was overtired and since she wouldn't fall asleep she was very cranky. I think Brent considered chucking her out at one point. Needless to say everyone was very happy when we touched down in San Antonio. It felt great to be back in our house--although we almost didn't recognize it. My mom had cleaned it while we were gone so it looked immaculate--definitely not our house!!
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