Friday Funnies

It was a rainy night, Brent was working, I decided the girls and I needed to get out of the house. They needed to run off some energy so we went to Chick fil a for dinner. Usually we get fruit instead of fries but they made a mistake and gave us an order of fries instead. I had divided the fries in between the girls. Brynn had already eaten all of hers, she is trying to steal one from Camdyn's pile.

M: Brynn you already had your fries, those are Cami's.
Brynn accidentally drops it on the floor.
M: That's what happens when you are being greedy.
B: I am NOT green!


You all know about the Boy who cried wolf? Well Brynn is the girl who cried poop.....when it is nap time it is her trick to get out of bed. Of course I am not going to deny her the potty when she tells me this, sometimes she is telling the truth and sometimes she is pulling my leg.

Convo between Daddy and Brynn:
B: I have to go poop.
D: Are you lying?
B: I'm not lying. See my nose isn't growing.


Friday Funnies

This is an old funny, but post worthy so I thought I would share.

In November I ran a half marathon. Brent, Harry, and the girls met up with us after the race (a disaster, but that's another story--which is not so funny). So I had told Brent to bring me a t-shirt in case I wanted to put it over my tank. So we finally meet up with them:

B: Here is your shirt. Do you want these shorts??

A: No.

A few minutes later.

B: Don't you want to change your shorts?

A: No I'm fine.

A few more minutes...

B: Don't you want to put some shorts on?

I look down at myself to make sure I am actually still wearing shorts....hmm yeah they are still there.

A: No I have shorts on, I don't want to change!

Obviously Brent did not think that my bike shorts were considered shorts!

Did he want me to change because he was being protective?

Or did he want me to change to spare everyone the view?

We'll never know. I think that is a question better left unanswered.



Mystery solved!

Pregnant with baby #3, due August 3rd.

This is the reason:

Everytime you talk to me I am eating or talking about eating.

When you call, 90% of the time, I don't answer because I am sleeping.

My house looks like a tornado hit it.

I am starving, but too tired to cook anything.

The laundry needs to be done.

I don't care, I just want to nap.

The dishes need to be washed.

I don't care.

The house needs to be cleaned.

Have I mentioned? I don't care.

The last 10 weeks have been rough trying to keep up with the house and two active little girls!! Being exhausted and nauseated has not helped. Thank goodness the first trimester is almost over.

Thanks honey for putting up with me.

Thanks for being so understanding.

Here we go again............



A New Year.


Time goes by fast, doesn't it??

Over the last year these are some of the highlights that happened in the Currie fam.

  • Brynn slept in a big girl bed for the first time.

  • Cami turned ONE.

  • Cami learned to walk.

  • Brynn turned THREE.

  • No more soothies for Brynn.

  • Crossfit was discovered.

  • The Curries invaded Canada.

  • Daddy turned into a caveman.

  • Brynn turned into a cubbie.

  • Mommy ran her first half marathon.

  • Mommy is pregnant with baby #3!

2009 has brought us many blessings, joy, and laughter. Can't wait to see what 2010 brings!!