Her Latest Obsession

The Wiggles.

I know, you're probably saying The Wiggles?! Really?!? I use to think I wouldn't let my children watch them either.

They sing.

They dance.

So she loves them.

And of course her favorite is, in my opinion the creepiest one of all, Jeff aka the purple Wiggle.

She is so obsessed with Jeff that she has taken on his name! Everyday all day if we call her Brynn she'll correct us and say "it's Jeff"! This morning when she woke up she said "Jeff is awake" then we went into Camdyn's room and she said "oh look Sam (yellow wiggle) is awake too".

I love this girl!

Spring Break Extravaganza

Whew all this spring breaking and I am WORN OUT!!

Not to mention that my kids aren't even in school yet!!

We celebrated three spring breaks in a row.

First we kicked it off with Wade's break which included Peter Piper Pizza, shopping, eating, and dinner with Jordan.

Then it was Reid's break. Kyle and her kids came into town for four days and we packed a lot in. Children's museum, Zoo, and Sea World, not to mention a lot of eating.

We finished it up with Kirby and her kids. We went to Sea World again and also did some shopping and went to the park. Oh yeah also more eating.

I am a stay at home Mom, my Kids are not in school yet, and I am sick of spring break! I am sick of all the traffic and I am sick of eating out so much (I cannot believe I just said that)!

But we did have lots of fun with our family.

Zoo pictures
Brynn and the bears.

Mimi and the kids.
Brynn LOVED the petting zoo. She could have stayed in there all day just brushing those goats and she would have been a very happy girl. Too bad Mimi still doesn't have goats at her house!

If I were a butterfly...

The gang before the train ride.
Ms. Conductor
Don't feed the lions!

Children's Museum
Milking the cow.
Doing the grocery shopping.
Two lovely cows.
Reid and Brynn in the bubble machine (whatever you call this thing). All the kids love it.
Cam chilling in the stroller, she thinks the museum is super fun!
Driving the bus.

Camdyn and McKlayne trying to get into trouble on the stairs.....I am sure there will be many years of trouble when these two are together.

Can you believe that these are the only pics I got while Kirb was in town?! I was so good when Kyle was in town but then I took my camera out of my bag and that was it. I didn't even get one picture of Brynn and Asher together!! They played so well together, it was wonderful! And they can communicate with each other so it's neat to watch them interact. Every where we went people thought they were twins!!

Now I need to recover! Lots of sleep and time to clean my house since I neglected it for so long.

Can't wait for next year!


Bye Bye Crib.......

Brynn is now sleeping in a big girl bed!! We ordered a twin bed with a trundle and got it in about a week or two ago. She LOVES it! She hasn't gotten out, not even once and she only fell off the bed the first two nights........don't worry we pulled out the trundle and she fell on the mattress, but she was still mad. Although she always asks me or Brent "you lay with me", it is such a sweet voice how can you resist??

My little girl is growing up at such a fast pace, it is bittersweet. Part of me is sad to think of how fast the time has flown by and part of me just loves the little girl that she has grown up to be. I really think this is my favorite age. She has such a fun personality, although a little dramatic at times. She loves to sing, even during nap time when she is suppose to be sleeping. On the monitor I hear a serenade of Jingle Bells, Mickey Mouse, Twinkle Twinkle....the list goes on.

Here is my little model. I was trying to take a picture of her on her bed and she starting posing.

Uncle Jordan stopped by on Spring Break.....he didn't stay long as he had plans to go to Florida.
Lucky him!
Here's Camdyn representing Canada.

The Grace Family Visits SA

One of my best friends and former college roommate, Jessica, lives in Houston. She had a wedding to go to in San Antonio so she came early with her little boy Logan and stayed a long weekend with us. Logan is just a couple months younger than Brynn, they had so much fun playing together. It was beautiful weather while they were here so we took advantage by going to the park several times.

We went to "Pump it Up" which had a lot of bounce houses and slides in it. They really enjoyed themselves, and so did we! There were huge slides (Logan had no fear, while Brynn had to slide down with me), blow ups just for jumping and also a couple of obstacle courses.
Climbing up the wall of the obstacle course.

Sliding down the slide. It was FAST!!

This was the first time we went down.....notice I had no idea how FAST and slippery the slide was so I had started to go down first (on accident) and when I realized I couldn't stop myself I pulled on the kids legs and they came sliding down after me!
We had SUCH a wonderful time with the Grace Fam, next time we will have to go to their house in Houston after baby Ryan is born!


Good-bye winter, Hello spring!

We have really been enjoying this beautiful weather going for walks, playing outside, and going to the park.......maybe that's why I have been slacking on the updates??

Brynn is at such a fun age. We really haven't had terrible twos (thank goodness). She is a really good child (some say the perfect child, Cam has a lot to live up to)! She says the funniest things, like "what's the big idea?". You can tell she soaks it all up and learns new things all the time. She loves to dance (shimmy like the wiggles), go outside, and read her books. She pretends to be a puppy or a baby and wants her "ba ba". She loves all of her stuffed animals and sleeps with about 10 of them every night!

Camdyn is now 10 months!! She tips the scales at 21 pounds and 28 inches. She is our chunka monka and is such a happy baby......except for when you have to get her dressed then she screams like it is torture. She has 4 teeth with another on the way, but she doesn't let the lack of teeth stop her from eating! She is into everything!! Cruising on furniture, crawling (even up the stairs), and walks with her walker. She loves to chew on shoes (GROSS), so please don't leave them laying around!! She can wave and has the cutest laugh I have ever heard (and giggles often).

Broccoli anyone?

Showing some sisterly love.

Cam thinks Brynn is funny....maybe she is laughing at the way
Brynn looks Chinese when she smiles!!

Squeaky clean and smellin' good.

Helping Mom with the laundry.

Cam loves to have the blanket over her face when she sleeps.

Playing under the saucer instead of in it.

I love sleeping babies. (who doesn't?)

This girl is trouble. I was vacuuming, Cam was in the living room playing. I was in the kitchen and could see her......kept vacuuming, looked up, couldn't see her head anymore. I thought she was just on the floor, I go to check. Not in the living room but on the stairs and had already climbed up 6 stairs!! seriously!!

And you thought you had a bad hair day!

How do you go from the above to this??
Lots of water and de-tangler!!

Being goofy.

Brynn found this hat in the $1 bin at Target. She walked around the store with it on her head, so of course we had to buy it. She wears it all the time.....calls is her cowgirl hat!! We've definitely gotten our money's worth from it already!

Posing with her new piggy bank.

Helping me hammer in the sign.
She love this bubble grill.