Just Another Celebrity

Brynn is like one of those celebrities that goes shopping with her dog in her purse and who poses for the paparazzi!!

This is her new smile. She likes to squint her eyes up and say "cheese", once I take the picture she asks if I am done or if I am going to take more!! What a ham she is!

A Busy Week

Our summer is off to a busy start! With a new baby, baptism, swim lessons, and lots of playing outside it is hard to keep up with everything that is going on!

Camdyn's baptism was on June 8th. Here our some pictures from baptism:
Wearing the same gown that Brynn wore for her baptism.

The silly big sister hamming it up for the camera.

The sweet big sister giving her kisses.

The proud parents.

Brynn has started swim lessons. We go every monday for the next 11 weeks. Mommy is so lucky and gets to get in the pool and swim with her!! We just had our first class and Brynn did really well. She blew bubbles in the water, went under a few times, slid down a slide, kicked on a kickboard and much more! She has four other kids in her class with her and I am not joking when I say she is the only one who didn't scream or pitch a fit the whole class! Her instructor kept grabbing Brynn to help demonstrate...not because Brynn knew what to do but because she was the only kid who wouldn't start to cry! After swim class we both had to go home and take a nap. Here are some pics of Brynn modeling one of her many swim suits!

Brynn often thinks that Camdyn needs help swinging. She will go over to her swing and push it, sometimes a little rough or too high, and she will say "swing swing" or "weeeee". In this picture it looks like Brynn is up to something, doesn't it?

Camdyn is doing well and getting bigger everyday! We went to the doctor at her 4 week check-up and she weighed 9 pounds 12 ounces!! She has almost put on three whole pounds in a month. Obviously the girl does not miss a meal, trust me! In this picture she is wearing one of MY old dresses. Talk about vintage!!

And here is a picture of her taking a bath. She likes to be in the water and HATES when you take her out to dress her!

Here is another video of Brynn and Camdyn together. Of course when I don't have the camera on Brynn jabbers to her and does all these cute things, but when I pull the camera out she stops.

Brynn likes to run through her Pablo sprinkler, sometimes she gets thirsty and has to stop for a drink!