Why I LOVE Having Girls......

because of their ridiculously cute clothes!!!

I wish I had all their clothes in my closet.

I wish the clothes would look half that good on me!!

Friday Funnies

Brynn was sick at the beginning of the week and was running a fever.

Mommy (talking to Daddy): "She's 102"

Brynn: "I'm NOT two, I am THREE!"


Friday Funnies

Brynn walks in while I am changing the sheets on our bed.

B "Who peed the bed? mommy or daddy?"


Friday Funnies

Hey Apels, are you missing your daughter?? We found McKlayne at our house..........................

Brynn loves to sing, especially to sing along to her CDs in the car. Immediatley after singing a Backyardigan song she said "I'm a really good singer Mommy"!


Happy Halloween!!

The girls had several costumes to choose from this year. Peter Pan and the ladybug went to the Halloween party on Friday night. We hung out and ate with our friends and the kids played together.
Addison is the other ladybug in this picture, from the look on Camdyn's face she is apparently not happy that they are twins!! But even giving the death glare she still looks darn cute!! And Brynn is just so happy to dress up! She LOVES it!

Miss Snow White was SO into Halloween this year. She loved everything about it. Everyday we had to go walk around the block and look at all the decorations. She did not think any of the decorations were scary, even in dark!

Snow White and Minnie Mouse

We went to trunk or treat at OSL church and got to see all of our relatives.

It was so fun to see all the kids (and some adults too) in costume!! Everyone looked so cute.

With the cousins.

Minnie and her Godmother.

Mimi with the girls.

Admiring the decorations.

The Curries.

Cooper and Brynn.

After trunk or treat we went trick or treating in our neighborhood. The girls got plenty of candy already but Brynn was really looking forward to knocking on the doors. Brynn was loving it, running to every house.....I was afraid she was going to trip on her dress. Camdyn and I were having a hard time keeping up with her! Brynn was so cute and considerate, when she would beat Cami to the door she would tell the person "my sister is coming too, can she have some candy?". Cami caught on real quick. She would go up and say "tickteet" and put her bucket on the ground. Of course she wanted to stop and eat a piece of candy after every house. At some of the houses Camdyn lingered at the doorway like she was thinking "hmm can I come in?" but then Brynn would run off into the dark and leave her saying "come on Cami we're going to go get more!"
My mom broke the news to Brynn this morning at breakfast that Halloween was now a whole year away......you should have seen the pout on that girl's face!! So not happy about that!!
I love getting to experience the holidays through their eyes, it is priceless.