36 weeks and A Growing Family

As I get closer to my due date, I wonder how this new little person will fit into our family. I am really enjoying these three precious girls.

Will we add another girl to our family??

Will we have a boy that is completely different from what we know??

Obviously all my girls have different personalities and characteristics but a boy is just different. A good different, but one we may or may not ever get to experience! I am excited to find out!!

As we've watched over the last 3 years, Brynn and Camdyn have really grown to be the best of friends....Rylan has managed to squeeze herself into their duo. She is accepted, most of the time, and I know that it will get better and better as she gets older.

Here are pictures of my growing belly at 36 weeks, gaining a total of 30 pounds so far, I dare say that this will be my "biggest" pregnancy. (I gained 30 with Brynn, 22 with Camdyn, and 25 with Rylan). This pregnancy feels the biggest to me, in that my stomach sticks out further than any of the others did. I still Crossfit, and lately make all the male coaches extremely nervous that I am going to go into labor during their class!! I was 2-3 cm dilated, and 70% effaced at my 36 week appointment. I also had a sonogram and they predicted the baby's current weight at 6lbs 9oz!! I dare say that this could be my biggest baby as well...depending on when I deliver!! Baby was head down and we could see a little bit of hair on it's head. This baby reminded me of Rylan the way it was sucking it's lips (this is what Rylan does when she gets tired), so precious!! I am trying to soak in these last few days/weeks of pregnancy, as this is probably my last one!!

Mommy's prediction is a BOY!! That was my first "feeling".

The results are in from the gender poll: 
  • 75% boy
  • 25% girl