My First Kindergartner

Brynn's first day of school was a bittersweet moment for me!! It has been a joy to watch her grow into the little girl she is but also makes me sad at how fast she is growing!! She was nervous and excited about school, mainly nervous since she didn't know any kids in her class. Now she has been a Kindergartner for two weeks and she loves it. She loves her teacher Mrs. Rust and she loves school and would go there Saturday and Sunday if she could!! She said "I thought school was suppose to be long, it's so short"!! The first week of school I received a phone call from the principal, she was calling to tell me that her teacher Mrs. Rust wanted to recognize how well Brynn was doing. She praised her for always being on task, listening well, and being a good friend to everyone. Kindergarten is off to a great start!!


This summer we took a family vacation to Rockport to take the kids to the beach. We stayed at Allegro North Condominiums, the same condos that I stayed at when I was young with my family. It brought back many memories for me and it was fun to experience it with my kids and see it through their eyes. We went to the beach, fished on the pier, fed the seagulls, and did lots of swimming.

A funny Camdyn story: We fed the seagulls a few times, the first time we fed them Camdyn kept saying "this bread looks so good, I want some". To which I replied "oh you don't need any, it has gluten and it's not very good for you". We fed them two more times. Fast forward to me packing our suitcases to go back home...I pulled out Camdyn's draw to pack her and along with her clothes I pulled out a dried up piece of bread with a bite taken out of the top!!! Even this paleo mom had to chuckle!!

Six Months

Park is crazy, busy, active! In utero he was pretty lazy (my laziest baby) so I thought maybe he would be laid back and lazy out in the real world. Boy was I wrong!! He started sitting up, crawling, and pulling himself to his knees at five and a half months. By six months he was pulling himself to standing and cruising on furniture. He is a lot more happy now that he can move around!! He still spits up a lot and his favorite person is his mommy! He weighs 15 lbs 12 oz and is 26 inches long.

Two Sweet

Happy Second Birthday to My Sweet Baby Girl Rylan!!! You are so sweet, sensitive, happy, crazy, and sometimes shy in public. You always have crazy hair when you wake up or when you pull your bow out. You are my little shadow and have been since the day you could walk. You love to follow me around, want "up" all the time, or are content to sit on the kitchen counter and watch me cook. You love your siblings and you will tell me "baby crying" when Park is up from his nap. You are always concerned about where everyone is and want to know what they are doing. You love books and all things babies. You get scared easily, especially by loud noises and you hate running bath water! You can open any and every kind of bottle, lipgloss, etc! I don't think there is a child proof bottle you couldn't open!! You like to tease us about who's girl you are and tease us by wiping off kisses. We love you to pieces Rylan Olivia!!!



Happy happy SIXTH Birthday to Brynn!!! How on earth did my firstborn get to be six?!? You are sweet, eager to please, compliant, and my loud talker!! You are a leader around the house and at school. You love to color, play with my little ponies, and use your imagination for pretend play. You have become such a good swimmer this summer and have spent almost every day possible in the pool. You and Camdyn are the best of friends, and I hope you always will be! You love God and Jesus and talk or ask questions about them daily. I love to hear your prayers, they bring a smile to my face. You are the best paleo eater and clean your dinner plate. We love you forever Brynn Marie!!

We had our new tradition of "Birthday Breakfast in Bed". You got to pick what we did on your birthday and you wanted to go to Chuck-E-Cheese, of course!!!

Summer Lovin'

I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo behind on my posts....and it's all my Mom's fault....and Brent's too. Here's why: My mom's laptop which I normally blog on was killed by a virus, after that she decided to get an ipad. Great for surfing the net, horrible for blogging. I asked Brent if we could get Internet, he didn't really want to. So now I'm using Brent's laptop that he usually has at work at my mom's house with her Internet service......yes Brent gets to be on the Internet at work but I don't get it at my work (home)...how fair is that?!?! (love you honey) So anyways now that I am so behind, and the Canadian Grandparents are chomping at the bit for some new pics (who could blame them?!?), here are some pictures from random summer days.