Our New House

House shopping this time around was like a roller coaster ride, it had many ups and downs, highs and lows, uncertainty, and nervousness. We moved into my Mom's house at the end of July and looked at many many houses and made offers on four houses before the fifth time was finally the charm!! We (Brent) originally wanted acreage, I just wanted a bigger yard for the kids to run around in. We made offers on four different houses all on 2-3 acres, they all had multiple offers and we never got even one of them, even with full asking price offers!! The market was pretty crazy because the inventory was so low that if a descent house with a great price came on the market it would have mutiple offers by day 2!! We were getting very frustrated and discouraged, enough so that we even went to a new build neighborhood and started the building process. Less than a month later, a one story four bedroom house on 1/2 an acre came on the market. Brent didn't want to go look at it but agreed to go if I wanted to, which I did. We ended up looking at it a few times and made an offer on it and they accepted right away!! We pulled out of the new build, not that it wasn't nice but it just wasn't where we had pictured ourselves for for a long time....it wasn't
"us" and we never really had peace about it. We ended up redoing some things before we moved in, removed popcorn, painted inside and out, replaced baseboards and some flooring. We moved in mid December and are trying to get settled in but loving our new house, and may never move again!!

Day to Day Living with Four

The question/comment I get the most from people "How do you do it with four?" or "I don't know how you do it." My response is usually something like "Some days I do it well and other days not so well." I guess because I've been in the crazy cycle of having a new baby every 2 years I don't think twice about it. I do it because I have to, and want to, and I'm so use to it!! Of course life is easier when I get to go grocery shopping without kids and Brent has a good schedule and is a great hands on Dad. I am also selective about where I go with my four kids in tow because sometimes it's just not worth it! It is easier to stay home with them versus dragging them places, and they play really well together. I pray for patience, try to live fully in the moment, and try to choose joy even when I don't feel like it. Our home is full; filled with love, noise, laughter, and joy. They make my heart happy. We are Blessed.

Catching up in Pictures

I realize I've been a horrible blogger, non existent really, so I am going to catch up with some pictures that I took late summer/early fall and hopefully I'll be better at updates from here on out (wish me luck)!!

Fun at the Lake House


Kirby and Charlie ended up selling their house in College Station and moved to Tacoma, Washington. Before they moved they stayed at Mom's for a month....it was also the same time that we were living at Mom's!! The house on Sandy Oaks sold and while we were house shopping we lived at Mom's for a few months. The cousins had a wonderful time living together!!

Fall fun at the pumpkin patch.

This year I told the girls that they needed to pick a pumpkin decorating that they could do with minimal help....not that I mind helping but usually Brent will start the pumpkin carving and a few minutes go by and everyone scatters! So here are the girls pumpkins from left to right: Rylan, Cami, Brynn

Trick or Treating with the cousins is so fun!! Ironman, Dora, Shrek, Fairy girl, Uncle Si, Pirate, and Snail had fun walking Mimi's neighborhood.