Brynn's favorite things

Here are two new videos of Brynn's favorite things to do. She loves to be outside, even just walking up and down the driveway. She loves the slide, trampoline, sandbox, swing, wagon, and car....she even loves sit down in the dirt and play with it! She always asks "What's that?" about everything! She is a lot of fun but definitely has a sassy little attitude (wonder where she gets that from?)! I have no doubt she will be a great big sister, probably teaching her sibling a lot of things (good and bad)! The first video is of her playing in the sandbox and tasting it too!

This video is of her jumping on the trampoline.
WARNING: you may get a little motion sickness viewing it, so view at your own risk!

P.S. If you can't view the videos, I don't know what the problem is....try again later!

Baby #2 Update

Here is a recent belly shot taken at 28 weeks. I had another ultrasound at my last appointment and everything thing looks good. Praise God! The baby is currently weighing in at 2lbs 11oz, which she said was average. And this baby is not going to be bald like daddy because we could already see some hair! The baby was so low in my pelvis, we had a hard time getting a good profile picture. Much to my mom's disappointment I didn't ask to find out the sex (she bet me $100 I would ask)! I told her I have waited this long, what is 11 more weeks. So baby #2 is still a surprise and so is the name!! We have (kind of) started to narrow down our favorite name list but neither one of us is trying too hard. I just can't seem to narrow it down to one without knowing the sex. I mean why bother arguing and thinking about a boy name if it is not a boy (or girl)?! It is just way too overwhelming. So the gender of the baby and the name will probably both be a surprise until birth.

According to the boy/girl pattern we have going on in my family (among us sisters), it is my turn to have a boy. For those that don't know, we have a boy/girl pattern starting with Reid, Brynn, Asher, Stella, and then this baby and Kirby just found out she is having a GIRL! so she is following the pattern.....so am I going to follow the pattern or break it? To check out Kirby's non-existent belly go to her blog (Apels). I thought we were suppose to be preggo together, but she does not look like it at ALL!! Kyle was excited to be the only skinny sister for awhile but Kirb is not letting her have all the glory on her own! I am patiently waiting for Kirby to join the Fat Club with me, I told her it was lonely over here.

Otherwise I am feeling pretty good. I am still running, although my pace has slowed down and just recently I have been slowing down on the mileage. I use to run 3 miles but now I run between 2-3 miles depending on how I am feeling, I just get short of breath so easily now! So instead of running 3 miles three times a week I think I will run 2 miles four or five times a week. I have been experiencing a little indigestion which I did not experience with Brynn. I have randomly had a little reflux and just yesterday I experienced heart burn for the first time in my life!! Oh the pain!! Oh and the leg cramps at night have started in the last week too. Woo Hoo! Oh the joys of the third trimester!!