I'm Wishing

Video of Camdyn singing Snow White "I'm Wishing".
(Notice how when I first ask her to sing the Snow White song she starts making up something!)

Singing in the Rain

Rain or Shine, these girls are always ready to play! In the rain or in the pool.......

The two newest additions to the family: Sammy and Princess Cami Bear. Thanks to build a bear gift cards from the girls' birthday party.


34, a car, and a Name

34 weeks pregnant, 6 to go! The 'average' baby is now 4.7 pounds and just shy of 18 inches long!! Went to see Dr. Hedges today, all is well. Haven't changed since two weeks ago, still measuring at 29 and no weight gain.....guess the popcorn and M&Ms I ate last night haven't caught up to me yet!! He said I am "growing a small baby" but I think she'll be around 7 pounds.....time will tell!! And this might be my third pregnancy but there's always a first time for everything.....for the first time my belly button might pop out to an outie....it's getting very close. And Brent nicely pointed out that I have the pregnancy waddle down, thanks honey.
Actually it went something like this:
B: I noticed you walk pigeon toed with your toes pointing out.
A: yeah it's called waddling. thanks.

Meet our new car, an Expeditionn:
It's a very nice ride, much roomier and bigger than my old car....which is obviously the reason we got it. The girls like it because it has a DVD player in it, of course!!

And we finally decided on a name!! Rylan Olivia Currie, coming soon!!


Picking Peaches

Kyle and I took the kids to Fredericksburg to Marburger Orchard to do some peach picking. After my first experience I have learned a few things:
  • get there when they first open at 8am......we didn't and it was HOT
  • peach picking is fun but for really young kids I would stick to strawberries, most of the peaches the young girls could reach weren't ripe enough to eat so Kyle and I did most of the picking up high
  • picking peaches makes you itchy, dirty, sweaty, and hot. it's hard work.
  • peaches take about 5 days to ripen
  • leave them on the counter, don't refrigerate
  • fresh picked peaches are so YUMMY!!! I had four at lunch time today....I can't help it, they are so juicy and sweet.
  • We filled up one of these boxes below and it only cost $30! Which you can easily split between three families.
  • To fill one of these boxes to overflowing, it takes about one hour.

Circus at the Curries

This year we decided to do a joint birthday party for the girls. Now I do realize their actual birthdays are about 2 months apart, but let me tell you that joint parties are the way to go!! As I explained to Brent when I first told him my idea (and he thought I was crazy).....summer is a busy time, one party at our house is easy for us and for everyone else, and right now we would invite the same exact people to each party....so why not combine them?!?

This year we had a circus themed party (thanks to the Apels). We had different booths/games set up for the kids to do. This included a Human Popcorn Machine (balloons on the trampoline), a dress-up photo booth, nails & tattoo salon, face painting, clown bowling, feed the elephant, lion toss, and a balloon lady came and made some pretty cool balloon animals.

Here are some pictures of all the fun: